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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Chuck, Feb 28, 2001.

  1. Chuck

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    I called citibank 301-733-5501 (credit dept) two times, poth reps told me that the advantage card (silver) is harder to get than a classic visa with them. They also said more than 3 inquires in past (6) months is not good. They " both" also said if less than 12 month credit history on file no way of getting approved for either card. I don't know who to believe. I have read things on the posts here, that say people have been getting this card even with less than perfect credit and less than 12 month credit history on file. Please shead some light on this for me . Thanks
  2. Momof3

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    Re: citibank advantage (update

    Unless they changed their approval policies then somebody isn't telling the whole truth. I know for a fact about the inquiries, I had a ton as well as Roni to name a few. Not sure of the 12 month history though, I had my 12+ months history as well as my husband did. But I did refer some friends very recently and they were declined, so maybe they are getting stricter??
  3. marci

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    Re: citibank advantage (update

    Yeah, Mom, like you said, they must have fixed that "bug" in their system!

  4. sam

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    Re: citibank advantage (update

    BS. my gf had like 8 inquiries past 6 months, 6 months of credit and she got instant approval. $1000, we switched instantly to platinum select.
    Its based on fico score.

    Except for us lucky ones :)

    If you're score is good, you'll get the card. If you have any negatives, i doubt it. Nobody i've told to go there in the past 3 or 4 months was approved with ANY derog.
  5. Geo

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    Re: citibank advantage (update

    As my previous message I suggest your wife to wait for the 1 year mark cap One and then go
    to the page.
  6. sam

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    Re: citibank advantage (update

    With new credit and creditors, you beacon score does not always reflect your abilities and credit worthiness. The FICO aspects which rely on your "honest" or "dishonest" input, which are never verified VASTLY affect new credit FICO scores.

    Living at the same house for 3 years, working the same job for 3 years, owning the house , having both checkings and savings, the kind of car you drive (they ask!), and your profession, all give FICO points that may make the difference between an approval or not. Don't underestimate the questions on the citi applications or any applications.

    There is HEAVY weight given to the answers you provide. That along with a perfect, albeit short credit history, and low balances, will result in your approval.

    Especially if your credit is less than <12 months old.
  7. newcomer2

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    Re: citibank advantage (update

    I had 12 Accounts Almost All maxed out just less than 3 year credit history . 4 months on the job and one year at the residence and got approved for silver and gold 3.5k and 9k .. So I could tell you one thing for sure even if you have high balnces , if you have no negatives u'll be approved. I did the same for my friend and he got both cards.
    good luck
  8. Erik

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    Re: citibank advantage (update

    I pretty sure CitiBank has some proprietary scoring model they use. FICO might be a factor in that model but I don't think it is solely what they base their decisions on.

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