*Citibank* Back On My Team!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Cadillac408, Nov 13, 2000.

  1. Cadillac408

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    Recap: Got my APR lowered from 21.7% to 17.7%. Then they peeked at my credit and saw that it had been raped over by collection agencies and 1 judgment....so they raised it to 19.7% all in a matter of 2 seconds (a week actually). So I called and complained (I was originally told that TransUnion notified Citibank w/ delinquencies w/ other creditors but supervisor clarified that they got the information from TransUnion, not the other way around). So I left it alone because there was nothing I could do. 19.7% was better than 21.7% so...

    Well I got a letter in the mail today from Citibank that says:

    "We have changed your account back to your previous APR of 17.7% while you dispute the delinquency with the credit bureau. This pricing will remain on your account for four months to give you time to get the delinquency corrected. We recommend that you take that action asap, to make sure those updates are made. If after four months no updates are made, your APR will return back to 19.7%.

    If you have any questions....."

    Well, I just hope that I can get everything straightened out in the next four months! At least Citibank is giving me the benifit of the doubt!
  2. Momof3

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    RE: *Citibank* Back On My Team

    Sorry MP I read so much and sometimes forget, did these bad marks just appear on your credit report recently??
  3. Cadillac408

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    RE: *Citibank* Back On My Team

    Bad marks started appearing roughly from 97-98.
  4. miles

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    RE: *Citibank* Back On My Team

    Good luck MP$40. I hope it all works out in your favor. At least Citibank is being fair.

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