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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by T, Sep 1, 2000.

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    This is a question for the citibank rep. Does citibank offer another world card besides the American Advantage World card? If not, can I use the miles accumulated from the AA card and use it on other airlines? The info on the mastercard homepage says I can use the miles on any airline, not just AA. Thanks in advance for the info.
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    Citibank doesnt have any other world cards yet. However you can use the one we have now with some other airlines because American airline partners with some of them. I dont have the complete list of their partners in front of me. Some of them are British Airways and American eagle. you can get a full list by calling 1-800-882-8880 (american airlines frequent flyer phone number). They wont know anything about the world card but they can tell you who their frequent flyer partners are. They arent just airlines there are some hotels too.
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    Does the points transfer over to the partner airlines or do I have to follow the guidelines from AA's point system?
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    I don't know thats something you would have to ask american airlines.
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    I can't help but ? the Citibank rep's answers---"I don't not know--you will have to call XXXXXXXXX." Sounds like the run around to me, and the same run around that caused the world MC to bomb with B of A and FirstUSA. I work for AMEX, and could answer any of those questions with a definitive and qauntifiable answer--not the run around--if one were to ask what airline partners are involved in Membership Rewards and how the points transfer. If you are a rep for a credit card company, I think you owe it to people to bring that knowledge into the forum, and not provide a pat answer that does not provide any help. If you do not know the answer, either find it, or do not comment.
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    I agree completely with the AMEX Rep.
    I had choices, and AMEX had answers and service and reputation.

    FYI - a good comparison is dopne @ with the World Card.

    You will see that World pits inself against AMEX GREEN, and AMEX GOLD.
    They do not pit themselves against AMEX Rewards Plus Gold that givers literally a more accurate comparison.

    World Card - Yawn!
    Citibank? Thanks for you 20% interest
    after your measily offer period ends.
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    Citibank just reports the miles to american airlines we dont do anything with the miles after that point. Therefore we would not know exactly what happens to them after that. Amex is different they have a department within their company that deals with the miles (the memberships rewrads department). We do not. American Airlines handles all inquiries about the miles.
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    dogman did you know you could call and ask for youre interest rate to be reduced. We might be able to.
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    AAL Partners

    Sorry it took me so long to get the list of partners but here it is. Its a long one.


    American Eagle, Aer Lingus, Aero California, Aerolineas Argentinas, Air Pacific, Alaska Airlines, Horizon Air, Asiana Airlines, British Airways, Air Liberte, Deutsch BA, British Midland, Canadian Airways, Cathay Pacific, Crossair, El Al, Finnair, Grupo Taca, Avia Taca, Lacsa, Nica, Taca, Hawaiian Airlines, Iberia, Binter Canarias, Binter Mediterraneo, Japan Airlines, Japan Asia Airways, Lan Chile, Midway Airlines, Qantas Airways, Reno Air, Sabena, Swiss air, Tam, Turkish Airlines, and U.S. Airways.


    Conrad International, Crowne Plaza, Fairmont Hotels, Fiesta Americana, Fiesta Inns, Forte Exclusive & Grand Hotels, Forte Le Meridian, Forte Posthouse, Heritgae Hotels, Forum Hotels, Hilton, Holiday Inn, Hyatt, Sheraton, Intercontinental, Loews Hotels, Marriot, Radisson, Red Lion, Sandals Resorts, Vista Hotels, Westin Hotels, and Wyndham Hotels and Resorts.

    Car Rental

    Alamo, Avis, Dollar, Herts, and National/ Interrent.

    Financial Services

    American AAdvantage investment funds, and AAdvantage program for mortgages.


    AAdvantage Dining, AAdvantage Fund Raising, AAdvantage Home Program, and AAdvantage Hospitaality Awards.
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    You're missing the point--you should know the answer to "T's" question about which airlines are partners with American. Although AMEX has different departments for MR and other rewards programs, we are trained to know how all services benefit our cardmembers. Thus, we have the Delta skymiles card, and if needed, I could provide all the airlines that Delta skymiles can be used with. Now of course, the CM must call delta to book the flight, but AMEX reps can tell them which arilines are partners with Delta and how their points transfer over. Moreover, I could provide a point breakdown as to how Membership Rewards points transfer into all airline programs, i.e. Delta, Cathay Pacific, United, or Southwest. It just seems that you have worked for Citibank for at least a year or two and should be up to par on the services and benefits that your card offers if CM call in and ask you--especially if people on the web are asking how your cards can be useful to them. People are asking you for help since you offer it, and to tell them that you do not know and that they should call another department or company defeats tho whole purpose this message board--I think they realized they could have made the call, but did not want to be put on hold all day long--thus they ask you.
    Sorry, I really do not mean to come accross rude---just want to let you know that people come to this board for answers, and I really think you should have been able to answer those simple questions for "T"
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    RE: AAL Partners

    Cool!! There we go, know that is what I think we are all looking for!! That actually is quite the impressive list---a competetive card the world MC is!!!
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    "ANY" airline?

    Now I find a descrepency---the MC homepage says "ANY" airline and "T" quotes this, but I do not see Delta, Continental, Southwest, and United? Hummmmmmm??
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    Okay, so I check out the MC homepage that has a grid comparing it to AMEX Personal and Gold---and I noticed a few lies which show the stupidity of whoever posted this page.

    1. The AMEX Personal card is NOT called or referred to as "Green" and is not a registered trade mark.
    2. MC says that "Green" and "Gold" do not have the option to pay over time. This is a lie!! Ever heard of Sign and Travel which allows CM's to put any travel related charges
    on extended payment? Also, AMEX offers the Extended Payment Option (formally SPA) which allows purchases of $200 or more to be extended. These services have been around since '93---sounds like poor homework to me!
    3. No year end summary of charges for "Green"--this is not true--although it may not be complementary, it can be requested.
    4.Acceptance: Notice the 16.2 million, but they fail to mention 4.9 million for AMEX--only "4"--hey, if you are going to use decimals--be consistent!
    5. Additional fees for travel rewards--here is the big one. This is an outright lie!!! The World MC offered by Citibank has a fee of $55 or $80--depending on the card you get. Also, when the card was issued by B of A and First USA, there was a fee for the card.
    6. Finally, they make it seem that AMEX does not offer car rental insurance or have toll-free numbers.

    POINT: how can we trust MC and Citibank when they intentionally market their product through deception to slander AMEX? sounds like they are desparate to get an edge on the service AMEX offers, but must result to lies to do so.
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    Actually I dont think you where rude. Its just that I wasnt at work at the time I was at home. Thats why I didnt have the answers in front of me. I didnt know if the person needed the information right away or not. I should have said that I would have it on here the next day. Citibank reps do have access to what the American Airlines partners are, the amount of miles the cm has earned and when they where transfered to American Airlines. We have no knowledge of what happens to the miles after they are transferd to American Airlines or how there mileage program works. I agree with you that we should be able to provide this information but we are not trained too and our contract with American prevents us from doing so. The only other thing we have the ability to tell the cm about the program is where they can earn extra miles through using ther card and that some of them can earn a reduced mileage program so that they will be able to use less miles to get a ticket upgrade or free ticket to certain places.
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    Amex Rep

    I agree with you some of the things on that web page are not true. I did see the message on their stating you can use the miles with every airline. This isnt true for the citibank card. This is because of our contract with American Airlines we can't affiliate ourselves with any other airline. However there is a card that we did have before we had that contract that we are still able to operate. It is called the Citimiles card. With this card you can redeem youre miles on every airline. The card only has a $20.00 annual fee. The only drawback is that it earns 1 mile for every 15 dollars spent. But keep in mind that is an actual airmile. Which is different than most of the airline credit cards out there. with most of them a mile is actually like a reward point but with this one it is an actual airmile.

    Also because of our contract with american airlines we have to charge the annual fees. Those are actually not charged by us. They are charged by american airlines. We do not actually have a choice in the matter. Plus the annual fee for the world gold card is $50.00 (not $55.00) and for the platinum card it is $85.00. Alos there are people that do not get the annual fees. If you have a platinum frequent flyer account (not platinum world mastercard) with american airlines you will not get the annual fee.

    What that web page means is that it is possible for a bank to have a world card without an annual fee. But we can't right now because of our contract with american airlines.

    Oh and by the way I am going to tell my supervisor about the incorrect statements on that web page to see if we can get mastercard to correct it.
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    RE: Amex Rep

    Sorry about the confusion between the annual fees--I get yours confused with AMEX's delta card--I know that either your platinum or gold was $5 more or less than ours.
    That is cool that you will tell your supervisor about the web page--great customer service. I sent an email via MC's home page about 2 weeks ago, but have not heard anything yet.
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    Thanks for the understanding. Sounds like American is a little more strict than Delta is with AMEX. I wonder what would have happened if AMEX took their offer to cobrand their card?

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