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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Momof3, Nov 5, 2000.

  1. Momof3

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    I have been using online payment for awhile with My aria, pretty simple select the day and the amount and you are done. They have always posted correctly. I signed up last month for the click to pay at citibank, it said it would take 6 business days to set up account etc. I decided to try it for this month, there was no option to select a day, it selected the day it was due, but also stated it may take 3 business days to post to account?? Now would that be considered late?? I have emailed them twice and got the book answer and that have yet to answer the question I asked. Why can't i select the day of payment and since they only let you select the day it is due but say it takes 3 days to post. I think I'd better mail a payment as well. Anybody use this feature and please tell me what I am doing wrong??

  2. Sorin

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    RE: Citibank click to pay opti

    Hi Mom,

    I have been using this feature since May when I got my card. You cannot select the day you want the payment done, they will post it about 3 business days from the moment you authorize it. The date you see on that page is the due date of the payment, not the date the payment will be posted on.

    So if you authorize it now, it will probably be posted on Wednesday.


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    How About Auto Pay?

    Hi Mom,

    I use Citibank Autopay. It gives you 3 options to choose from for automatic payment out of your checking account.

    1. miminum due
    2. specific amount
    3. entire balance

    The will deduct the funds out of your checking account on the day that it's due.

    Also, I was told by a customer rep that it boosts your account rating with in Citibank if you have some sort of automantic payment. I chose to have $100 (5x the minimum) deducted from my checking account every month. When I want to make extra payments, I just walk across the street to the Citibank branch office and make an ATM deposit that will post to my account in 2 days.

    Just a note, you can only sign up for either click to pay or auto pay.....not both.
  4. Momof3

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    Thanks so much

    Thanks, I really didn't understand the site. I was used to Aria where you chose your day. Gosh you explained it better than Citibank customer service:)
  5. Momof3

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    RE: How About Auto Pay?

    Thanks MP, I will keep that in mind:)
  6. Saar

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    RE: How About Auto Pay?

    MP$40 wrote:
    "I use Citibank Autopay. It gives you 3 options to choose from for automatic payment out of your checking account."

    Does it have to be a Citibank checking account? Thanks.

  7. creditwork

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    RE: How About Auto Pay?

    I use Summit Bank online for all my credit card payments. It lets me schedule the payments, amounts and dates for anytime. The payments post on the date I schedule them. I make large payments, always try to make 10% of the line payments.
  8. Cadillac408

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    It doesn't have to be a Citibank checking account. I use my credit union. I have had auto pay ever since it has came out. I love it...

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