Citibank compromised on rate hike

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by DaveLV, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. DaveLV

    DaveLV Well-Known Member

    One of my Platinum Select accounts was at prime +1.9%. I got the letter last week announcing it would be raised to prime +5.99%. I called retention and they were terribly rude and unhelpful.

    I sent a letter off through PlanetFeedback and just got off the phone with someone from Citibank. They told me they cannot keep me at prime +1.9% but are willing to do prime +2.9% instead. I agreed, but I will probably use the account less now.

    I would advise anyone else who got the rate hike notice to contact Citibank through PlanetFeedback.

    BTW: She let it slip to me that Citi employees get a prime +1% rate on their own cards...
  2. willgator

    willgator Well-Known Member

    Dave mark la just called r and got his prime + 1.99 back after 1 month try calling them
  3. Mark LA

    Mark LA Well-Known Member

    Re: Re: Citibank compromised on rat

    oopsa - correction :)

    they (retention) told me to call back after my statement closes (Sept 12) and that they would see if they could bring it back to what it was - the rep seemed confident that it wuoldn't be a problem - BUT - it hasn't happened yet.
    i'll update after Sept 12.
  4. willgator

    willgator Well-Known Member

    Re: Re: Re: Citibank compromised on rat

    OUCH :( I got ahead of my self dammit won't happen again......
  5. thetravele

    thetravele Well-Known Member

    Re: Re: Re: Citibank compromised on rat

    I guess I am one of the lucky ones.

    No rate increase as of right now. I did get an unrequested CL increase though.
  6. DaveLV

    DaveLV Well-Known Member

    Re: Re: Re: Citibank compromised on rat

    The woman who called me said they were eliminating the prime +1.9 tier. If you aren't there, you shouldn't have received a notice (or so she said).

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Citibank compromised on rat

    "IF" they are fazing out PRIME + 1.90% and going with PRIME + 2.90%...I'LL TAKE THAT SINCE I HAVE PRIME + 3.90%

    BUT I HAVE PRIME + 0.90 BT RATE...

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