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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by MikeB, Oct 11, 2001.

  1. MikeB

    MikeB Banned

    I requested the online credit line request on my Citibank Clik AA card. I was not approved because of high balance. They apparently pulled an inquiry from TU. Is this hard or soft? I never saw anything saying they would pull a hard inquiry, and yes I know an increase is a request for credit which is a permissible purpose.
    Also, on their reason explanation page, I noticed another reason listed for "account balance last month too high". Geez, so I have to pay my account down and wait a month or two before requesting another increase? Bah...

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    I PAID DISCOVERCARD IN FULL, every month, but the credit report "looked" like I never did because I bought more...

    The only way you can FIX the problem, is pay in full PLUS what you think you will spend the following month...
  3. Cadillac408

    Cadillac408 Well-Known Member

    You know how Citi is. They'll deny you for an increase time and time again. They would rather just issue you a new card! How do you think I got hooked up? I requested an increase on my b.s. classic visa and they pulled TU and I was denied! One day I got bold and applied for the AA cards (gold and silver) and got approved for BOTH! Stupid...

    By the way...when you are in accountonline and you go to request an increase, if it takes you to a screen where you have to fill out info (i.e. salary, bank stuff, etc.) then you are probably not going to get an increase unless your TU is spotless. If you were approved automatically....the screen would say so.
  4. MikeB

    MikeB Banned

    Thanks MP$40. Unfortunately, my TU has no derogs, and my EXP has a chargeoff (that will be removed soon), so I am weary of applying for new Citi cards until it is removed. My EXP CE score is 617 with the chargeoff and two accounts with 3 year old lates, and EXP won't let me dispute online again....bah.

    Also, the credit request screen sent me directly to the page that said "high balance". I never entered anything. Geez, these people are so dense. If they increased my limit, I would no longer have a high balance now would I? Haha. They just don't understand....:)

    I already transferred $250 into the account via Yahoo PD tonight, and I will make a big payment next week to bring the ratio down. I may call C.S. and ask what I need to do to get an increase.
  5. MikeB

    MikeB Banned

    Or wait until the statement closes before using the card again. I did this by transferring money with Yahoo PD and gained 17 points on CreditExpert (for what that is worth). It just looked as though my balances were lower :) Of course you can't do much with a $1000 maximum transfer limit with Yahoo PD, but it helps.
  6. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    waste of your time. I've been denied 4 times over 12 months. During that time they have issued me two new cards for $10K more credit (which i combined).

    Apply for a new AA card and combine if you are really interested ..:)
  7. MikeB

    MikeB Banned

    ...once my EXP is better, I cetainly will...

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