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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by sph, Aug 15, 2000.

  1. sph

    sph Guest

    Can anyone tell me what my FICO score would have to be to qualify for a Citibank platinum card!
  2. J. Edgar

    J. Edgar Well-Known Member

    Take your height in centimeters, multiply it by Avagadro's number, divide it by Frick's constant, add in your weight milligrams and divide that by the square of the radius of the earth in inches, and you will have your answer.

    Seriously, I think a 660 would be fine, perhaps a 680 to get the best interest rate.
  3. sph

    sph Guest

  4. Sorin

    Sorin Well-Known Member

    Not too much...
    I've got mine 9 months after having my first
    secured card with Capital One...
    They sent me the offer...

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