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    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    She is devistated...NOT...


    F.I.C.O. 724.
  2. MikeB

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    LOL. I applied for NextCard, and my "upgrade" was the secured "Classic" that did not require an upfront deposit. ROFL. I just exited the page. The next day I received an email from stating that my opportunity for the secured card was open for 2 weeks or something. It also said that if I did not take the upgrade, they "may" issue me the standard secure card. Not! I sent them back an email and told them to reevaluate my application for a regular Nextcard with no annual fee or to throw my application away. I then listed my 5 other credit cards which have no lates. I guess I don't expect a response. HaHa!

  3. VJ

    VJ Well-Known Member

    I can honestly say Nextcard,for me, has been a joy to have.Only downside was they pulled experian and
    TU at the same time.Good increases/fair people.

  4. VJ

    VJ Well-Known Member

    Forgot to mention fico was 700 when I applied in 1999
    Last increase 2K.Very good retention dept

  5. eddie

    eddie Well-Known Member

    I got approved for nextcard friday p.m. on the net. They gave me three options. One was a platinum w/ 6500.00 limit. Variable apr. right now 15.9. Ihad to balance transfer a minimum of 3k off my providian. My worthknowing score on TU was 20 when they pulled it.
  6. dave

    dave Well-Known Member

    Vj, how often have you gotten increases with Nextcard? Hhow soon after you got the account did you get the first one? Did you ask for them or were they automatic? I have had this card for fuor months and make large payments and was wondering when I could expect a CL increase. I put 6K of balance transfers on the card and have paid them down to 4K.

  7. VJ

    VJ Well-Known Member

    Dave,On the 8th month Nextcard offered $500 and ended up with $1000 increase.About 7 months later
    I got 2K if I did a balance transfer.They let me pay off my 3k overdraft line off credit@ Fleet.It was a promotion they had going.I would usually charge 2k and then pay it off next month.Hope that helps.

  8. Ron

    Ron Well-Known Member

    I domn't know the Nextcard is tough ot not . Two years ago, I applied for Nextcard and I got denied because I had 6 charge-off accounts in my TransUnion . After 6 months, I got approved with $1000 credit limit with 17.9% APR. Within two years they increased me from $1000 to $2500 to $7800 to $9800. Recently I requested a limit increase and they approved me $11,980. They lowered my Nextcard from 17.9% APR to 9.9 % fixed APR. I think Nextcard is pretty good to me. I heard over the internet that NextCard is tough to get because thewy used FICO score ti evaluate your application.

  9. judyputy

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    I have loved having my Nextcard. They have been a joy to work with and have never given me any trouble about payment posting or BT's.

    I started with a 7300.00 limit and haven't raised it in over a year. I have never reached more than 1/2 of the credit limit so I don't need or want another increase.

    Great card!


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