Citibank has me BAFFLED?? Can

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Momof3, Oct 10, 2000.

  1. Momof3

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    You all remember I told you my hubby got denied right?? Well guess what we got in the mail today, the citibank card with a 3K limit, of course I am thrilled, but how can this be? We called activated and everything went through fine. Has this ever happen to anyone else before, been denied then got card??
  2. JB

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    RE: Citibank has me BAFFLED??

    Yes, I received a decline letter from Meier and Frank, but then got the card in the mail a few days later. They said the decline letter was a mistake.
    Go figure.
  3. Cadillac408

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    RE: Citibank has me BAFFLED??

    Are you serious? Wow.....

    Doesn't surprise me though. Listen what happened to me one time with Citibank:

    From approximately Feb 98-May 99 I was making my Citibank Visa payments at the Citibank Bank via ATM or by going inside. Generally I would go on or a day before it was due, sometimes even earlier. I knew that it took 2 days for the payments to post but I thought that when it posted, that it would be back dated reflecting the actually day that I made the payment. So May 99 rolls around and I haven't received my new card (since it expires in June) so I called. They stated that my account was not going to be renewed due to the late payments! I was furious! I put 2 and 2 together and tried to explain that I was making my payments at the actual Citibank on or the day before it was due and they didn't want to hear it nor did they even care! I was like, this is how your going to do me after 7 years of service? After all the money you've made on me in interest (I generally always carry a balance of some sort)??? For this? Then I was like, you know what? Fine.....F*&% Citibank and F*&% YOU! and I hung up the phone. A week later my new card was in the mail! They also changed the expiration year. Generally my card expired every year. The new card didn't expire for 3 years!!!!

    Talk about weird...
  4. Newcomer

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    RE: Citibank has me BAFFLED??

    I was declined due to a collections account that was less than 2 years old. But the representative said that once I receive the letter of declination, send it back in along with proof that the account was paid and they would approve me. Maybe the card will come before the letter.

    Wish me luck
  5. Chet

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    RE: Citibank has me BAFFLED??

    Maybe the denial was computer generated and the app was sent to an actual person who approved the application.

  6. RichGuy

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    RE: Citibank has me BAFFLED??

    So in essence are you saying that any time you complain to Citibank, it could be triggering a review?
  7. Pat

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    Citibank has been very, very g

    in '95, I paid a few payments that were less than my "amount due" to Citibank. I owed about $5K. I went to a credit counseling place, and Citibank dropped the interest from 20%+ to 8% with no annual fees. I paid the last payment off in Aug 2000. The account was closed.

    In Sept, I was flying on American Airlines & applied for a Citibank Mastercard through the frequent flier club- I got one with a $9K limit.

    Go figure.

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