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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by mambomn, Oct 10, 2001.

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    Today I called Citibank to combine/convert my AA Gold and Silver cards into the Platinum Select. My primary reasons for doing this was to get the lower interest % as well as the 0% balance transfer for 9 months.
    However, I was told by the CS rep that though she could combine both cards and convert it to a platinum, I could not receive the lower apr nor the 0% balance transfer offer as these are only available for "new applications." I explained to her that I had just received my AA cards last week and had not even activated them yet. I added that I had simply changed my mind and wanted to opt for the lower APR and balance transfer offer instead of the AA reward program. However, she insisted that there was nothing that she could do and that I had to submitt another application for the Paltinum Select card in order to receive the benefits which I'm seeking. The CS rep confirmed that I could have up to 3 Citibank cards.
    Judging from the other posts, I'm surprised that Citibank was so strict on this issue. Should I call again and speak to another rep (do they keep records of prior calls?) or should apply for the Platinum Select and waste another inquiry?
    Any advise/information is appreciated.


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