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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Newcomer, Aug 8, 2001.

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    So I get the Citibank AAdvantage card and upgrade to the no preselect limit. Well, the no preselect limit is not a guarantee. It's based on whether or not you make large payments. So you may try to charge over your limit and get declined. Which is fine, because my $5000 credit line is large enough. I asked to upgrade to Platinum select because I want the balance transfer option. I was told that the Aadvantage gold card has an option, but Citibank doesn't give it to everyone right away. I call the credit approval department about an application I did for the Platinum select 2 months ago and was told I was declined because I opened several accounts in the last year. I have credit accounts that are over 4 years old and a student loan 8 years old. Apparently, there internal scoring system didn't like that either. I noticed that several people on this board who were credit challenged have multiple cards from Citi. How did you do it?
  2. sam

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    get your AA cards, combine, convert to platinum select line.

    Thats how.

    I just told the guy i wanted the platinum select, no fee, and lower interest, and please expedite a balance transfer option and mail the checks for such.

    they had no problems.
  3. Geo

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    By the way you don't need to upgrade for a balance transfer, just ask by phone or e-mail
    and tell them that you want to transfer a balance. They will make an offer for you.

    I was able to transfer at 2.9% for 9 months for my Gold AAdvantage Card.
  4. breeze

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    He's right. Citi did the same thing to me. They have some internal scoring system that rules against some of us. I have no chargeoffs, my negative stuff is 6 yrs old, my score fluctuates betw 650-590, and Diti wouldn't give me the platinum. Some of the folks on this board with chargeoffs, bk's, collections, you name it, have gotten platinum from Citi. They're crazy.

    I have the AA card, tried to upgrade, was told to apply.

  5. Saar

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    How many reps have told you this? If it was only one, chances are he lied and most other reps would do it in a second, no questions asked (other than: "Where should we mail your new card?").

    2 reps have told me I can upgrade, and that was even before I gave them my account number.

  6. mindylou

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    Breeze, I have my aa card just under 30 days and I upgraded to plat select today with no problems.

  7. breeze

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    Saar, I have talked to Citi reps about this on 3 occasions. In every case, the rep was rude beyond belief.

    Do they have different service centers for different parts of the country? Do you have a number or a name I can use? I am so ticked I don't ever want to talk to those people again. If I do, you can bet I'll have one of those little telephone recording pick-up devices stuck on my phone, record their snotty comments, and play it back for someone. In VA only one person has to consent to the recording ;)


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