Citibank not holding up their end of deal

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by mc14702, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. mc14702

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    We just completed a payment arrangement on our Citibank Account in Dec 08 and agreed to have it re-opened following the completion of the payment arrangement and making the first minimum payment due - which we did last week. We received a letter from Citibank with all this stated. I just called them and they said they won't re-open it until the 2nd payment is made. Are they going to keep saying "when the 3rd payment is made, when the 4th payment is made?" They refuse to do anything even when I threatened to send them the letter we received from them. I stated it is very unacceptable for them to not hold up their end of the deal when we did and that there are probably many more people with the same letter that aren't having their's re-opened either. Any comments would be great.
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    If in their original letter they state that they'll re-open the account after one payment and they don't, it's a breach of contract. Sue them. On the other hand if your balance was really close to the limit they might mickey mouse around the subject of breach claiming that it is normally accepted business practice for credit card outfits to cancel cards until the balance substantially decreases.

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