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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Himmel, Apr 9, 2001.

  1. Himmel

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    I noticed Sam's post stating that CitiBank will approve just about anyone. Well, with that encouragement, I applied last week.

    Bumped into Mr. Postman just as I was about to leave for work when he handed me my mail. What do you know, got a PLATINUM MC from CitiBank!! :) Ran inside the house to call to activate the card where I was transfer to a rep who tried to get me to enroll in their card protection prog and balance transfer.

    2.9% for 9 mo. but I don't know what the % is after that. I was too excited and drove off to work singing along to the CD. $10k limit! Unbelievable.. Just in time for taxes too!

    Thanx Sam,

  2. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    Re: CitiBank Platinum Select M

    I'll tell you what, after 5 billing cycles, and good behaviour and no derogs, you'll get a line increase from accountonline, and I got at 5month 16.9% -> prime+2.9%, and then at 6 months i got prime+2.9% -> Prime +1.9% on all purchases. This company is top notch in service.
  3. Himmel

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    Re: CitiBank Platinum Select M

    Excellent! Looking forward to it. Going to register for their online account right now. ;)
  4. VPJ

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    Re: CitiBank Platinum Select M

    Congratulations! Can u give me some idea about where you were in terms of credit when u applied? I received an Acceptance Form from Citibank Platinum Select also, but am hesitant to apply. Just joined Junum and am waiting to see how that goes as my credit needs help.

  5. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    Re: CitiBank Platinum Select M

    I don't know how i got approved. I had a 565 score, and some nasty credit. A few of us here were blessed with AA cards back in october.

    (Ive since then been denied twice for any products with them).

    They told me any "derog" like chargeoffs or collections with "update date" of less than 2 years = denial, any bk=denial, any previous citibank slowpays = denial.

    Wierd. I'd clean up all your stuff before trying, as i said, i've been denied twice for reasons that existed when i first was approved. Actually, i've deleted about 8-9 items per report successfully since i got my citi card, and now all i get is the big fat "Denials" from them.

    Good luck! some folks are still slipping through the cracks and getting these cards with questionable credit.
  6. Ron

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    Re: CitiBank Platinum Select M


  7. dave

    dave Well-Known Member

    Re: CitiBank Platinum Select M

    After reading this thread, I was encouraged and decided to try and apply online...

    Got the reply "As soon as your application is processed, we'll send the results to the address you submitted on your application. "

    Something tells me this ain't great news..I'm in the midst of repair and have *no* cards. Score is mid 500's.

  8. DaveLV

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    Re: CitiBank Platinum Select M

    Dave, the Citibank Platinum card might not have been the way to start rebuilding. Try Providian or Capital One. These were the first cards I was able to get after a long time paying cash for everything.

    Capital One has been a "so-so" company to deal with, but Providian has been fantastic.
  9. Himmel

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    Re: CitiBank Platinum Select M


    I noticed one of the ways that you can receive an instant approval online, which I think is what you were hoping for, is if the application requires you to reference another credit card. Unless you have excellent credit with a score > 700 w/ no derogs that meets the computer approved criteria.

    This is such with me when I applied for Lowe's where it referenced another credit card of mine, I used CorTrust, and got an instant approval.

    I agree w/ DaveLV. Sometimes you just have to suck in your pride for a little while knowing you're character is worth so much more and use the subprime cards for awhile.

    Heck, I've said all along that once I receive just one Platinum card, I'd dump all my other cards because that's more credit than I'll ever need/use. But after reading posts here on how FICO scoring works, I've decided to keep them for a quite a few factors.

    Good luck!

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