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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by lottie1002, Mar 28, 2000.

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    Does anyone know of info on this Citibank Platinum Selct card, hyping balance transfers at 1.9% - 2/9% for $2000-$4000 (respectvly) APR till 2001.

    Is this new "citi" logo a new branding for good ole CitiBank (CitiGroup)?

    I didn't feel too special when I got one in the mail and I really didn't feel special when everyone on the subway had one in their mail-pile that morning! I need to transfer an approx 7000 credit nut to a lower rate and must get on it now. Any CitiBank (citi) experience?

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    RE: Citibank Platinum Select P

    I happen to work for citibank and have heard of this offer. "Citi" is a new logo for Citigroup. We are using a new logo because we are not just a bank anymore. our representatives can offer customers much more than just credit card. They also offer car insurance, health insurance, etc.

    This card is different from a card with the citibank logo in that it offers you the above incentives.I have personally had several phone calls asking if this rate is for real. It is. if the crediti limit is not enough for you call 1-800-950-5114 after you get your card and specifically give the representative these instructions:

    1. Please refer my account to youre credit risk department so that i will get an answer within 5-7 business days. (I dont know exactly why but more people get approved this way)
    2. tell them your thinking about closing the account if it can't be raised. (citibank is testing a way to empower its representatives so that they can give you as many services as possible. DO NOT SAY YOU WANT TO CLOSE IT RIGHT AWAY. if you say youre just thinking about closing it the representative will try there best to do whatever you want them to offer you any other benefits they think you would like based on youre conversation with them.

    This is such a new and exciting thing for a company to do that we have actually had disatisfied representatives from other banks (namely FirstUsa, and Chevy Chase quit there jobs and come to us because of the fact that they thought they had a much better opportunity to provide better customer service.
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    RE: OK so howabout Capital One

    Thanks for that informed commentary - I consult at Chase Manhattan. I have a card with them. Citigroup I guess, is a big competitor but I'm not familiar with the retail area- I'm doing research here to better my credit profile -duh- who isn't!. I've been impresseed with the comments on Capital one. I think we've had an account with them but no history to acknowledge. I await more comments onthe strenght of "citi."

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