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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by the other, Oct 14, 2000.

  1. the other

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    My fiance has a fleet card with his mother. If is the first credit card he ever had (though he is now 36, this is still the only major credit card he has). His only other credit card is Sears. They charge a high rate of around 20%. He wants to get rid of the account and get a better one (no annual fee and low interest rate).

    However, he is a Jr, and all of his fathers's bad credit is showing on his report (we are trying to straighten that out). There are judgements/collections, etc that are his fathers. Part of the problem is his account with his mother - somehow the CRA thought she was his wife! Probably because of the joint cc account they have.

    He doesn't want to apply for the Citibank AAdvantage card because of the annual fee and the high APR (It's worse than his current card).

    What are his chances at the platinum select?
  2. roni

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    I'd say they were great. Apply for it. What will it hurt. Keep us posted.
  3. the other

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    Great News!!!

    We did the online instant appoval application for the platinum select.

    He was approved!!!

    Limit $4500
    No annual fee, and 14.4% APR with 2.9% on balance transfers for 9 months.
  4. roni

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    RE: Great News!!!

    Well I'll be damned. Did I give you the little push you needed. I am good at that you know. Lol. Congratulations. Buy a lotto ticket tomorrow. PEACE!

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