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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by $wealth$, May 28, 2002.

  1. $wealth$

    $wealth$ Well-Known Member

    In one week, I've received pre-approved gas card invitations from Citgo & Amoco, both of which are issued by Citibank(South Dakota), NA.

    Great...I really don't need another gas card, but would like to get a Citibank Gold or Platinum credit card.

    I have a prior CO with Citibank and haven't applied because it has been posted that they maintain a blacklist. But why have they been sending these other pre-approvals? Do you think I may have a chance at getting a Gold or Platinum card. If so, which of their many products may be easiest to get with a prior CO?
  2. DaveLV

    DaveLV Well-Known Member

    I had a Citibank charge-off in 1996. I received an offer for the Associates Shell card last April and then was approved for two Citibank platinum cards last November.

    I don't know if the Shell card helped me, but I got the Citi cards without repaying the old charge-off.

    (Editor's Update: If you're looking for a Citibank gas card, check out our list of recommended gas rebate credit cards on ... Consumers w/ good-to-excellent credit can save anywhere from 2 to 5 percent on gas purchases in the form of cash back.)
  3. lovellsh

    lovellsh Well-Known Member

    What kind of scores do you have to have for Citibank?
  4. nquisitive

    nquisitive Well-Known Member

    I don't know if this will help or not but here is our "Citi-story".

    We got those pre-approved gas card offers back when they still showed as being from Associates (right at a year ago.) We took them and were given lines of $400 - $800. After 3-4 months we got a preapproved offer for a Phillips 66 Mastercard. Took it and got a $750 credit limit.

    At that time we were showing a $575 charge off with Citi from 1996 which was reporting on Experian.

    In November, we faxed a goodwill adjustment request to Citi and asked if we could pay the $575 and have the account reinstated or if they would note it as paid as agreed. (Or if there was anything else we could do to put us in good standing with Citi.) We referenced the gas cards which were by then Citi accounts and the excellent payment history on those and with all of our other creditors in the meantime.

    They responded about a week later and indicated they were deleting the tradeline entirely. (Didn't ask us to pay anything.)

    A couple of months later we did the BDD online and got a Platinum Select with a credit line of $17500.

    Just today I requested an APR reduction and got 9.65. We have since also gotten $8000 in additional tradelines with Citi since getting the Platinum Select. (We've only had it since January, and horror of horrors had to do a chargeback on a $3600 online purchase which they handled for us with no problem.)

    Needless to say, we think the folks at Citi are the greatest thing going.

    If those little gas cards allow you to get your foot in the door, I would highly recommend them. Those little nothing cards worked wonders for us!

    All the best!
  5. Ron

    Ron Well-Known Member

    Re: Citibank Pre-approved Gas Cards

    I got pre-approval offers for Shell Credit Card from Associates National Bank (curently Citibank SD, NA). They approved me for $600 for purchases and $100 for cash advances limit. They didn't pulled any credit report and they just mailed me the card.

  6. $wealth$

    $wealth$ Well-Known Member

    Re: Citibank Pre-approved Gas Cards

    Thanks for all of the info. I may give it a try and apply for a Citibank Platinum card after I get the gas cards.

    Come to think of it, Citibank just dominates the market. I have an WaMu credit card which is/was issued buy The Associates, but now is owned by Citibank. I also have a Bailey, Banks, & Biddle credit card that is now issued by Citibank, because they bought out the previous issuer.

    Maybe, just maybe I have a chance at it:)
  7. DaveLV

    DaveLV Well-Known Member

    Re: Citibank Pre-approved Gas Cards

    I'm thrilled with Citibank right now -- just got my APR lowered from 12.65% to 6.65%. Get the gas cards and wait six months or so and then give them a try.
  8. Ladybug516

    Ladybug516 Member

    Re: Citibank Pre-approved Gas Cards

  9. charlieslex

    charlieslex Well-Known Member

    Re: Citibank Pre-approved Gas Cards

    What are the differences in the requirements between the Shell gas card and the Shell Mastercard? Charlie
  10. DaveLV

    DaveLV Well-Known Member

    Re: Citibank Pre-approved Gas Cards

    Shell gas card = Citibank
    Shell MasterCard = Chase

    You cannot really compare the two.
  11. charlieslex

    charlieslex Well-Known Member

    Re: Citibank Pre-approved Gas Cards

    Thanks DaveLV!! Charlie
  12. RichGuy

    RichGuy Well-Known Member

    Re: Citibank Pre-approved Gas Cards

    I've never had a CO with Citibank, but I can tell you that in my case their gas approvals correlated closely with their Mastercard approvals.

    I received preapproved offers for the ClickCiti Platinum Select Mastercard, the Texaco gas card, and the Shell gas card a couple of months apart in 2000. The Texaco card was offered first, then Shell and ClickCiti at roughly the same time.

    Then in 2001, I applied online for CITGO, Amoco, and the Citi AAdvantage MasterCard. All were approved, a few months apart.

    I don't think they look at your gas card accounts to evaluate a MasterCard application, but I do think the preapproved gas cards are a sign that your credit is good enough to qualify for the MasterCard as well.
  13. DaveLV

    DaveLV Well-Known Member

    Re: Citibank Pre-approved Gas Cards

    I don't know -- I just had a weird experience with Citi about the Shell gas card. The normal gas card has no annual fee, but the one I was preapproved for in April 2001 had a $25 fee. I paid it the first year but this year when it renewed I called to see if they would waive it. After all I have $15,000 in unsecured, no annual fee MasterCard accounts with Citi.

    No dice. The phone rep wouldn't waive the fee so I cancelled the account. I then wrote in with PlanetFeedback and it has been going round and round with them for weeks. Yesterday I got the final answer. They will not waive the annual fee and reopen the account unless I give them written permission to pull my credit. I told them to do an account review on the Shell or one of the MasterCard accounts or to use the report they pulled when they approved me for the MasterCards. They wouldn't go for it, so my Shell gas account is now closed for good.

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