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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by whizbang, Sep 2, 2000.

  1. whizbang

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    Dear Citibank Rep:

    My Bankruptsy is in it's fourth year and I have now have five visa accounts, with one paid off and in it's closing stage. Three accounts are new and one is a year old. I want to know what my chances are in getting a citibank visa or mastercard and rolling a balance over from a high interest rate and therefore be down to three cards.
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    I'm sorry I don't really know allot about the qualifactions to get a card. But here is how you can get the information. Call Citbank at 1800-950-5114 before 4pm on a weekday and ask to speak with the application status department they will probably be able to answer that better than I could. I wouldnt ant to give you incorrect information.
  3. Jo

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    Citibank is stingy. Don't waste the inquiry with a BK on your CR. Unless you're talking about a secured card. I had an EX that applied for Citibank but got declined because she has a 6 year old BK on her report. Other than that, her credit was late pays, no over limits, 2 $5,000 unsecured Visa/Mastercard....
    I must say though, that even though they're stingy, they've got great CS and benifits once you're in. Also, they're really good about increases.

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