Citibank tried to pull a fast

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Bear, Dec 24, 2000.

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    Hi all,
    Be aware of what your credit card companies tell you. You need to verify that everytime. Today I converted my card to the American airline Gold and the representative who did the conversation for me said she would waive the annual fee for me. But when I checked back, that wasn't done. I took it up to a supervisior and she just wouldn't do anything like that. I was pissed. They promsied to do something that they couldn't do. So I asked to be converted back to what I had before. Wasted me valuable time. If this kind of thing happens one more time, I will cancel my citibank card. Creditors just want your money and careless about anything else.
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    RE: Citibank tried to pull a f

    Switch to the platinum select non-aa card, get lower interest, and no fee :) of course no AA miles..

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