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    If CITIFINANCIAL appears on your credit

    report and you are not familiar with the

    account as it appears on your credit report,

    contact me by e-mail. I learned recently

    that CITIFINANCIAL had repackaged an old

    stale MELLON BANK account that I had

    disputed with MELLON BANK back in 1990-91.

    Mellon Bank wrote off the balance it claimed

    and this appeared as a black mark on my

    credit report for 7 years. It came off of my

    credit report after 7 years.

    CITIFINANCIAL took control of this old MELLON BANK ACCOUNT and reported this account in its own name - CITIFINANCIAL - in late 1999 or early 2000 as an account of CITIFINANCIAL's just recenty charged off. The credit bureau put this on my current credit report and it would have reported this account in CITIFINANCIAL'S name for 7 more years until 2006 had I not discovered this when reviewing a credit report received recently. I am trying to ascertain how many other people this may have happened to.

    Thank you.

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