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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Kelly, Apr 27, 2001.

  1. Kelly

    Kelly Well-Known Member

    Yay! I recieved a letter today informing me that they've increased my credit limit. Heck, I'd practically forgotten I have this card. I stopped using it. Maybe that's why the cl increase. Funny though, they didn't mention how much they increased. I had to look online ($200).

    Providian also sent me a letter for an increase on MC. $1000 for $99 plus $100 for fee.

    Has anybody taken the increase and then had the fee waived. Or does everyone usually just call and get an increase without the fee. I thought I'd try the first option (get the extra $100 cl increase) but, I want to make sure I can get the fee waived after the fact.

  2. john

    john Well-Known Member


    I received the increase offer. I took it and threw it in the trash.

    I would advise you just keep paying your bill ontime and maintain a small balance and make sure you pay the payments on time every month.

    I never paid for any increase. If I recall correctly I think I called them up after the first offer and said no thanks I'm not paying and they gave me the increase anyway. Then two months later another $500.00, then about 6 months later $1000.00.

    It may sound like a great deal but if you are willing to wait and perhaps nudge them a little with a phone call from time to time you can get the increases for free.

    As I said, this is what I did. It worked for me and I wouldl recommend saving that 100 bucks to pay next months bill.
  3. Cadillac408

    Cadillac408 Well-Known Member


    How long have you had your MC??
  4. john

    john Well-Known Member

    Re: Kelly

    I have had my card for about 14 months. It was 6 months for the first offer and that was only $500.00.

    And it was an Aria card..not Providian, but it sounds like their programs are almost identical so the game plan I mentioned above should apply to the Providina card as well.
  5. Kelly

    Kelly Well-Known Member

    Re: Kelly

    MP$40 - I got the Providian MC in December. Original limit $1000.

    John - I have no intentions of paying for the increase. I know you can call and get the increase for free, or they will automatically increase it next month. I was just being greedy and seeing if anyone has accepted the offer and then had the fee waived. Reason - you get the extra $100 cl increase that way. Though, with our luck lately, I should probably just call. LOL

  6. john

    john Well-Known Member

    Re: Kelly I see what you are getting at. Seems like a good plan if you can get them to waive the fee after you agreed to it and heave that extra $100 of credit. I haven't tried that approach and I'm not sure if I'd be willing to try that. But if someone else has and had success I'd like to hear about it also : ).

    I just wanted to make sure that everyone(newbies and old-timers alike) knew that you didn't have to pay for increases. It is really easy to accept what looks like a good offer but in reality you are paying for something you can have for free anyway.


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