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    I am from Ottawa. Last week, someone smashed into my parked car and then left. It was pretty damaged. My wife was sitting inside the car, and she got small injuries. There were some eyewitnesses. I reported the collision to the police, and they collected the CCTV evidence. But as the video was little blurry, it was difficult to identify the driver, and the investigation is on. When I called the insurance company, they were telling me about no-fault collision coverage. So I have to file an insurance claim from the at-fault party's insurance company after getting the police report or getting enough evidence. My wife is alright now, but I am a little stressed as handling situations and dealing with the insurance company is not easy for me. I don't know about its procedures and deadlines. So I am planning to consult a personal injury lawyer in Ottawa for managing this matter and for getting the compensation that I deserve. Had anyone hired a lawyer for a similar situation like this? What are the requirements? Will it be affordable? I would like to know your suggestions and opinions. Please do share and help me.

    Thank you

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