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    I remember Steven Z. or someone asking if there was a class action attorney willing to take on the big three. At the time I could not recall but did eventually find his site.
    If you want to get involved or just see what he is doing about it, here it is.

    Trans Union Corporation, Experian Information Systems, Inc., Equifax, Inc.


    A suit alleging violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Slander of Credit has been filed against the â??Big Threeâ? credit-reporting agencies. The suit is based on the CRAsâ?? practice of including information on consumersâ?? reports pertaining to charge accounts for which they have no contractual liability. The suit seeks compensatory and punitive damages. As of May 25, 2000, the suit is proceeding in federal court in the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington (Tacoma Division).

    d Copy of the Complaint. The Complaint was amended on April 26th, 2000, to add an additional Named Plaintiff.

    d You can HELP! Download and fill in a Declaration that may be used to help show the court how widespread this problem is, and may help gain class certification. When completed, mail to ME, NOT to the Court!

    d â??Lawyer fights Big Three Credit Reporting Agencies for Himself, Thousands of Othersâ? article by Holden Lewis.

    d If you have suffered at the hands of the â??Unholy Trio,â? contact R. Stuart Phillips. Also, you may want to read the credit section on my Consumer Resources page.

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