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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by samitra, Jul 13, 2001.

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    I am trying to clear up my credit history after finishing going through Consumer Credit Counseling Services. I paid off my last account last month. It took three years.

    I ordered a merged file from Amex Creditaware. Which does have a problem with reporting Experian correctly. Some of the information that I have disputed in the past couple of months have been deleted or corrected.

    I was surprised when Capital One removed all derogartory info. I was also surprised to find out that Sears closed out my account. Because I was told my the manager as I entered CCCS, if I had an emergency and needed to charge that I could. I do not know how to fight that this account should have been left open. I call Sears and they say it is ineligible to reopen. I had this account since 1979. I would have to reapply.

    I also received my FICO scores from Equifax. It was 582. I guess it could have been worse. I have started an investigation with Equifax about several accounts statuses that state I am currently 120 days late which is not true. I also disputing four unknown status which should be "Paid as Agreed Installment". The unknowns are hurting my FICO scores according to the FICO report and of course the 120 days late history.

    I am going to write to my doctor about the collection account and see if they will remove it from my credit reports explaining that is has already been paid and I am trying to buy a home.

    I do not know if there is anything I can do about this.. is my Student Loans that were transferred to USA Funds as an insurance claim and paid. All reference to the Student Loans from Citibank are deleted, however, the USA Funds stands with Unknown contact member for status. Any suggestions?

    You know I call Radio Shack or now Tandy and when I give them my SSN and account number nothing comes up. How does Tandy (which does have late payment history and I would like to get if off my report) show up on a credit report if the Creditor/Tandy has no record of my account? Can I therefore, go ahead a dispute that account isn't mine? It looks like it doesn't even exist.

    Equifax looks the worst, Experiean next and TransUnion does not look so bad.

    I am in a position so sell my mobile home and upgrade to a double wide. I would use my Deed to my Land as colleteral (it is paid for) worth about $15,00-$18,000. Would like to borrow $40,000. Probably can put down $5,000- $10,000. Would I have a chance with and Lenders my FICO score? Does anybody know of any Lenders in South Carolina?

    Sorry that this is so long. I appreciate any help that you can give me to help clear up my credit and raise my FICO score.


    climbing up out of the pits of CCCS
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    Your counselor at CCCS did not give you correct information regarding your Sears account. When an account is placed on credit counseling status it is either marked as inactive or closed by the creditor. Most creditors will change the entries on your report to "Paid in full" and your balance to zero once you have completed credit counseling. With some creditors this is automatic, with others you will need to contact them as the account has been inactive and in this status automatic updates to the CRA's may not occur.

    With your USA Funds and your Tandy account you may want to dispute these items with the CRA's, if the creditor can not locate the information, they cannot verify it in theory. If the information comes back as verified, I would send a validation letter, which has been posted on this board many times.

    My sister was also in credit counseling and paid her account off. She had a Sears account, and went in to the store and reapplied and was given a new account. She has also purchased a home with no difficulty.

    I give the information on credit counseling from an inside perspective as I was employed by one of the larger credit counseling agencies in the country for several years until a month ago.
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    Thank you for replying. It was not my counselor at CCCS regarding Sears but Sears Manager himself told me that if I needed to charge in an emergency just let him know.

    But I will re-apply sometime in the future to Sears.

    I just wanted you to know that I got approved for my home today with using my deed to my land I would not have to come up with extra money. They just need to appraised the land. And I had it appraised three years ago. So everything is alright. I am going to be shopping around though for the lowest interest I can get.

    We are already in the process of moving in next door in the house my boyfriend is selling (which is so convenient) while we go through the process of buying and moving the new home. I sure that we will probably be moved in before he sells the house next door.

    I am excited! It feels good to being re-establish in credit again.

    Have a good week-end.: )

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