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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by dirtymarti, Sep 2, 2001.

  1. dirtymarti

    dirtymarti New Member

    I filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in 1996 and it has been discharged for about 5 years. All of my negative items on my credit reports say " included in bankruptcy". Since some of my account are so old I thought that maybe I could use the technique of requiring documentation from the creditor as proof of the alledged debt. What I am wondering is that since I have filed bankruptcy and these debts are included; does that automatically constitute as proof of me having the account or do they still have to provide original signatures, etc.
    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Most of my accounts are due to fall off in 2003, but I want to put a rush on it.
  2. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    start by disputing online to each bureau, for every debt. Do that about 4-6 times back to back with each bureau before going to more drastic means.
  3. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    Your case is extremely tough to resolve, if not impossible without going to a great deal more trouble than you are likely to even want to hear about.

    It is essentially the same if not worse than a situation where you voluntarily paid the account in full thereby losing all your rights under Fair Debt Collections Act. The reason you lose your rights under that law is because it is no longer an item in the process of collection.

    Your only hope at all would be to attempt to trick the creditor into thinking that it is still a debt in active collection and hope he makes a grevious error. The chances that is going to happen is about 1 in 10 gadzillion or less.

    If you have items that are being reported as accounts that are open and in active collections when they were actually included in bankruptcy, thereby making the situation appear to be much worse than it already is, that is another matter and is correctable, maybe even actionable under extreme circumstances.

    There are basically two ways to get the bankruptcy removed from your history entirely. The first way is the spamming method where by you send round after round of dispute letters to the credit bureaus hoping against hope that they will be too busy to check it out and thereby end up having to remove it. That is the way most bankruptcies are eventually removed, and for the most part, any other entries that are considered undesireable by the consumer. Some people hire so called credit repair firms to do it for them, others simply save themselves the cost and do their own spamming. Spamming works about 40 to 50 percent of the time according to some national statistics that have been posted different places on the web.

    Right now is the best time to spam the credit bureaus because of the fact that they are usually a bit shorthanded due to vacation times, which is now just about over. The next best time to use spamming techniques is at Christmas time when the credit bureaus are again short handed and bombarded with even more spam by the so called professionals who also use those times to heavily increase their spamming efforts.

    The other way is to do a search (probably not easy to do in this case) and hunt down an attorney who has a website the internet and claims that statistically speaking about 78% of the bankruptcy cases filed across the United States have grevious errors in them and that he has the experience and the expertise to go into court and get the fact of the bankruptcy erased due to those errors.

    If he is capable of doing what he claims, then once he did his work it would be a simple matter to get it off your credit report because there would be no public record of the bankruptcy for them to use to prove you did file bankruptcy.

    I have not the foggiest idea as to whether or not this guy is for real and can do what he claims he can do or if he is nothing but a rip-off artist or what. I know nothing about the man whatever except that he has a website somewhere and that his contentions at least sound reasonable to me.

    I am afraid that given the question you asked, those are the best answers that I can give.
    Not very encouraging to say the least. But I do wish you the best of luck.
  4. dirtymarti

    dirtymarti New Member

    thanks Bbauer, I think I will give the spamming method a try. How many disputes should I send at one time, how often, and what if they refuse to investigate at all.
  5. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    Since you are only talking about getting rid of the bankruptcy and the only viable method of doing so that even stands a crying chance is spamming, you would only send one demand for verification to each creditbureau at a time.

    You cannot successfully demand validation since validation is a higher standard than verification and the credit bureaus have no legal obligaton to respond to validation demands. If you attempt to use a standard validation letter for creditors, you will quickly find that the credit bureaus will return your request with a notation that they are not under obligation to validate.
    Since you must send your verification requests to the credit bureaus by certified return receipt requested letter, you would end up doing nothing more than wasting almost $4.00 plus the time.

    Another trick they like to use is to waste more of your time and money by demanding proof of residence and identity. So leaving out proof of identity and residence can easily waste another $4.00 for you plus another week or so.

    In order to eliminate thes extra costs, expenses and frustrations. I have developed a method that takes care of the problem and also evades the issue of having to send them all kinds of utility bills, credit card statements or other personal informatin that should not be divulged to others, especially those who might sell your information to others.

    My remedy for their nonsense is to be found at CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW TO DO IT

    My second remedy for their demands for private information is to be found at CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW TO DO IT

    Full and complete instructions on how to do it are on the page.

    If you have more questions, just post them and I or someone else will always be willing to give you the best help they possibly can.

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