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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by chole1978, Oct 6, 2000.

  1. chole1978

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    How hard is it to clear up a credit report? I have a substancial about of debt from credit cards in college that were all written off. I'm getting married next year and am wondering how hard it is going to be to buy a house with the credit I have or how to go about getting it cleared up.
  2. xhardc0rex

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    I think this would be useful to many people. A rather general question but as I said, the answer could be useful to many.
  3. shaolin76

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    why did you bump this old post up? lmao nothing but broad questions that no one can really answer cept to say read the top 3 posts
  4. rblues

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    Well, the question above is REALLY vague. I also have to ask why was it bumped up?

    The only way that the board would be able to answer the question would be to know a few things:

    1) How much debt is "substantial
    2) How old is the debt
    3) What companies was the debt incurred with

    With those three things, people can get great help on CN, without it, not a whole lot.
  5. charityg

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    I think maybe chole1978 is looking for a kick in the behind. I know before I started my credit repair in September of this year, I thought my situation was hopeless. I also had a lot of charge offs from college, medical collections, etc. I wasn't sure if I should even bother trying, but the more I lurked around this board, the more I saw that others were getting positive results. So I decided to give it a shot. I've disputed twice online with all three CRAs and I just sent my CHOD letters (CRRR) to EXP and TU on Tuesday. I had no need to send another dispute to EQ, because my EQ report is now clean as a whistle. chole1978, if you're still around, it does work, and think of it this way, if your credit is as bad as you say, I don't think it will hurt anything for you to at least try. My fiance and I are looking at getting a house, too, and after cleaning up our CRs, I'm finally confident that financing a home is a possibility for us afterall.

    Just my two pennies.
  6. MiamiBlues

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    I agree with should read the top 3 threads and then you'll have a much better idea where you stand.

    If you need any advice along the way, of course many members of this board will be happy to help. However, before we can help you, you have to establish a game plan.

    Once you've read the top 3 threads and have familiarized yourself with the FCRA I would suggest getting copies of your three credit reports. Identify what items need to go. Some might be inaccurate and come off rather easily. Others may be a bit more difficult.
  7. Fuba

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    If your husband had really good credit, buy the house in his name. Have a will made that leaves the house to you just in case. Get life insurance to cover the house, just in case. In the meantime, work on your credit, and before you know it, you both will have great credit and then you can go out and get your dream home!
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    The posters account is closed. Look next to the name.
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    On the first post it is but on the second it isnt.
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    Even with bad credit you can buy a house if you put enough money down.

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