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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by C, Oct 20, 2000.

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    Does it look bad to close credit card accounts 4-5 months after they were opened? Even the balance was paid off and closed by the customer? Also, and this may sound stupid, but I want to be completely sure: when you pay off the balance on a card and close the account, if the card was partially secured you do receive your deposit with interest in check form soon after, right? Thanks for any help.
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    it's not necessarily bad to do this. but doing it alot is not a positive when applying for new credit. the bank may wonder how long you'll stick around with them. they are looking for profitability. accounts that are closed within 5 months are not likely to be profitable. also, developing long term trade lines improves your credit score. that's why i keep some of my older cards that i don't really use that much. they don't cost anything and help my score.

    yes, you will get the deposit back and with interest if the bank agreed to pay interest.

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