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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by renee, Mar 17, 2001.

  1. renee

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    for all of you that are trying to cut down on your credit card spending, please get yourselves a cobaltcard! It is accepted almost everywhere that Amex is and works like a credit card but is in actuality a spending card. You will feel like you are charging when you are not. It is connected to your checking account or to another credit card. It is great when you are on vacation or out of town and wannt to protect your actual bank card and credit card numbers. I have one and have gotten them for my college -aged daughters. I can transfer funds to their card when they need money! No more western union and mailing of money orders. I can also access their accounts online and check on where they are spending.
    P.S. As shallow as most people are, they are very impressed when I whip it out! They think that it is an Amex that they could never qualify for since that have not heard of it and I don't tell them any better!
  2. river

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    I have the Amex cobalt card and find it great for cash advances from my Optima and other cards without having the cash advance fees,but the only problem is you can only get a 100.00 cash at the most in a single day from the ATM's.But I do agree it is good for out of town expenses if you don't want your account #'s out there in a strange place.

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