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  1. KB

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    Does anybody have any information on this card?I know its a debit card.Is the company legit.Thanks for any info.
  2. malcolm

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    i have had an account with cobalt card since february, but have not received a card yet. i called their customer service, who told me the plastic should be shipped by end of april or beginning of may. i've used the account on the internet with much success. more of a moneycard than a debit card. but it'll be a great service once they get the actual cards shipped.

    if you want a good secured card, i'd try they've got an excellent card. only thing is you need to deposit $500. but it's one of the best secured cards you can find. i guarantee it.

    i help a couple of friends who run a credit site as a hobby and just to help people, and they love the card. and they're financial consultants! you might also consider the capital one card many of the visitors seem to be quite pleased with this card as well.

    if it's a debit card, has a great one (despite the complaints people seem to have -i've had no problems), so does (exceptionally high withdrawals and POS limits for an ATM/CHECKCARD!). good luck in any case.

    malcolm llanes
  3. kay

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    Although not a credit card Cobalt is a great service. It's designed for kids 13-17. Parents can fund the card through an ACH from the parents checking account. It's free unlike others that charge. My 14 year old son mows lawns and gives me the money to deposit in my checking account, I fund his Visa card for the amount he gives me from my account to his. It's safer than cash. My son can purchase his paint ball stuff on the internet himself and he thinks he's so cool when he goes to the local convenience store and pays for his mountain dew and candy bar with his own Visa card. I'ts also teaching him about money and how to be responsible. He takes half of what he makes and charges it to a savings account in his name. It's also great for emergencies. I have one I use too. I $300 in it and use it for business expenses, save the reciepts and log them in at the end of the week. It works great.
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    I'm still waiting for my Beryllium Card from Cross Country Bank. Your payment is overdue even before they print the bill and the interest rate is Prime + Avagadro's Number.

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