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    I am currently involved in legal action against Coldata. I am interested in hearing from anyone who has had contact with Coldata, particularly regarding debts that may have originated with another creditor (i.e., a debt that was purchased by Coldata). Of particular interest are debts that date from more than 5-7 years ago (or debts that are legally uncollectable because the statute of limitations for legal action to seek a judgment has expired). I am also particularly interested in hearing about your very first encounter with Coldata, whether it was by phone or by letter. If by letter, it would be helpful if you could provide the exact text of the very first letter you received from them (you do not have to supply the amount of the debt or the
    name of the original creditor, or account numbers or any other personal information).

    There is a good possibility of a class action lawsuit against them, and any information you can provide to me will be very helpful. It is time that Coldata's horrible and reprehensible debt collection practices (a large percentage of which are illegal) be stopped.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you very much.

    Please reply to
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    We have someone here, Coldata is his "specialty".

    You can e-mail him:

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    Thank you, Saar. I am aware of this person and he has been very helpful.

    I am looking to hear from all people who have had negative experiences with Coldata. Please read my original post and reply privately. I will be happy to explain to anyone who requests to know the purpose for my inquiries. Thank you!
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    I have had experience with them. They purchased a debt, then sold it to NCO as well. I spoke to MBA9999's attorney via email. You can email me at: for more details..
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    Do you mind sharing with us what the did to you or others? Did they not give you a chance to dispute the debt.

    It is not illegal for them to sue for old debts. It is up to the defendant to envoke the SOL defense. If COLDATA figured out that old delinquent debtors pay up rather than defend themselves, then they deserve to be congratulated for methods.

    It is simply a business risk for them, no different that oil companies drilling wells for oil. Besides, it doesn't cost them much to file if they expect that the defendant will settle before the court date, or not show up.
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