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  1. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member

    what is cold data
  2. pat

    pat Guest

    COLD data

    Computer Output Laser Disk data.
  3. pat

    pat Guest

    see also

    for more info
  4. JB

    JB Well-Known Member

    a collection agency

    Coldata is a collection agency.
  5. pat

    pat Guest

    Coldata (as opposed to cold da

    Ruvin Schwartz,
    Coldata, Inc.
    500 Rockway Ave
    Valley Stream, NY 11581
    tel (516) 561-6644
  6. mba in Pit

    mba in Pit Guest

    Contact me if COLDATA is on re

    I am interested in hearing from persons who

    never had an account with Coldata but who

    find Coldata listed as a creditor on their

    consumer credit report.
    October 31, 2000

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