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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Marypc, May 11, 2001.

  1. Marypc

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    For those of you who asked me to update on this situation, here's where it stands as of today:

    I had an old phone bill that was sent to Collectech for collection (long story, I moved, bill didnt catch up with me) I sent a validation letter, and received a response from collectech that they were temporarily suspending collection efforts until they could get validation from Verizon.

    The collectech letter was dated 4/9/01. In the interim, I called Verizon and asked for a copy of my last bill (this is from 1999.) They sent it, and I paid it, about 10 days ago. I called collectech, who advised that although it had been a month, they couldnt delete the entry until Verizon told them the account was paid. (Untrue, as we all know, they had no right to report it without proof, but I digress.) I called Verizon and confirmed that the balance was zero. I asked the rep if she could please tell Verizon that, since they had placed the item on my reports. She said she would fax them a letter telling them the debt was paid and to delete. I got a copy of the fax, and it should come off shortly. (Not that I trust either entity, I will be watching my reports like a hawk until it is gone.)

    So, the validation/paying the bill strategy worked for me. I knew I owed the bill, the priority for me was getting it off my reports. Hopefully, that will happen soon, but I dont think I would have gotten the delele letter unless I paid. I could have disputed further with Collectech for continuing to report without proof (and who knows, that rep could have been plain lying) but the important thing to me is that this is gone forever, if they do their part, and I can move on to other things. Hope this info is helpful.
  2. roni

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    Congratulations MaryPc
    I mentioned that I got a Bell Atlantic (Verizon) deletion which was reported by Collectech. I paid it as well. Doesnot it feel good? Congratulations again.
  3. MikeB

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    I have an old electric bill that I never got after I moved that was charged off. They have it on my report as a 10 month installment loan. I guess 100% accuracy does not apply to monopolies.
    I got it deleted from Equifax and TU, but Experian actually verified it. I wrote them a dirty letter, and now they are reinvestigating it. I will be sure to pay that crap when I move again!

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