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    Has anyone ever dealt with these pr!cks? Do they report to the credit bureau? I sent a validation letter to them the day after I got the 'send money now' letter from them. Come to find out though they have my parents number and keep calling them. My parents refuse to give my number out but tell the associates to leave their number and my parents will forward the number to me. Collectech says no and tells my mother they will keep calling her until they get a hold of me (actually hubby). We don't live with them, I have gotten the message that they called but no # to call! I sent the validation letter on Saturday, I got Collectech's letter Friday.
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    I dealt with them, they had a phone bill of mine. They do report, but they can be removed. I got a copy of my phone bill, and sent it in with payment, then disputed the item on my report. At the same time, I sent a validation letter to Collectech. There was no debt, so they had to remove it. I really think the key was that I paid the phone company directly.
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    Yes, but not all that much. No more than maybe 15 or 20 times.
    That's the way I end up with them. People send me their credit reports and there they are.
    Well, what did the validation letter have to say? Did they actually validate it? I have not seen them validate anything yet. So go over to and go down about half way or so through the page and you will finda link that says "our 6th lesson" and click on that link and you will find a checklist that will tell you all about validation and what the law says about it. On top of that, there is a link to an FTC opinion letter that also deals with the subject.
    I also have a link somewhere that deals with the opinion by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Spears v Brennan, March 2001 which goes into validation very thoroughly if the above two links don't answer the question as to whether or not you actually did receive a validation from them. I doubt that you did. You should also prepare a Cease & Desist and have your parents sign it and mail it telling them they must stop all contact with them immdiately about your problems. If they violate the cease & desist, they might just find themselves in more hot water than a scalding chicken. Just be sure the Cease and Desist does not shut them off from contacting you.

    You can find a good cease & desist in the letters section here on creditnet. There are several so you need to check them out to see which one best fits your needs of the moment.

    Then let's see if you did get validated or not and go from there

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