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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by pat, Oct 30, 2000.

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    Question on reissue, was: Coll

    Pat, I read this agenda with great interest. Thanks for posting it.

    After reading about the seminars, I have a question for any of the pros out there: How common is it for cards to be reissued that contain old debt? Is it possible to negoitiate this as a strategy with credit grantors? Has anyone had experience with this, good or bad? (I am especially interested in anyone who might have been able to negotiate this tactic with First USA).

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    RE: Question on reissue, was:

    It is apparently not rare to issue cards with old debt, even debt discharged by bankruptcy.
    In researching case law (lawsuits and court rulings) on bankruptcy law related to Chet's situation, I've read about banks that intentionally sell discharged debt to third parties, which contact the debtor with an offer of credit in exchange for contractually agreeing to pay the discharged debt. The courts have ruled that luring customers with offers of credit and getting them to pay discharged debts amounts to "involuntary payments".

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