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    I have a collection account that just appeared on my credit report yesterday. I would like to settle the account but I want the collection removed. How do I go about doing this?
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    There are, of course, multiople ways to do this.

    One way is to attempt to get the creditor or collection agency to remove the debt in return for payment of the account. Since few of them want to do this, it can be a tricky negotiation and fraught with problems and failures. If you do attempt to do this, make sure you get everything in writing before you pay them.

    Another way is to use the fact that just about all collectors abuse your civil rights and make them forget about getting any money from you and take it off your credit reports and all other reports or files too. You must also get this in writing from them so they can't go back on their settlement agreement which you get from them in lieu of sueing them for having violated your rights. That's the best way to do it because you not only don't have the obligation anymore, but you also get the negative report off your files and you will also have the satisfaction of hoping that you will have taught them a lesson so they don't just keep on abusing people in the future.

    They seem to think they can get away with anything and abuse people without any consequences for their illegal actions. So by making them pay for their abuses, you are doing everyone a good turn.

    You may not think you have been abused by them, but in most cases, that's simply because you may not know what your rights under the law are and whether or not you have been abused. But most people who are forced to deal with these clowns get abused in several ways.

    High time to help put an end to the abuse.

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