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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by CCN1, Jun 29, 2001.

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    Ok please I need some good input on this so let me know what you guys think

    I found a Collections Notice on my credit report from 1999. For something I do not owe. I will explain below

    I rented an apartment in phoenix az back on 09/06/1998 I signed a 1 year lease set to expire on 09/30/1999 I lived there until 11/20/1999 going month to month after my lease expired I moved out on the 20th of December and closed everything out with my manger. On my last day I paid what balance she gave me which was not for the whole month of December instead it was for just the 1st through the 20th of December. I moved out and never heard from them again.

    Now in 2001 I applied for a credit card and got turned down so I ordered my free report and there it was a collections company posting to my report for $104.00 from my apartment building.

    I called the apartment management which since has changed and wanted to know what this was all about they would do nothing but refer me over to the collection company Rapid Collection Services.

    So since I have never heard a word from rapid collection or my apartment complex about this matter I thought I should just try to dispute it with the CRA they are only reporting to one TU, So about 7 days ago I did so And guess what today Rapid Collections finally decided to give me a call very nice lady.. Anyhow I found out that the apartment complex was saying I owed $94.00 in unpaid rent and $10.00 in dog rent I couldnâ??t believe it these dirty bastereds are going to try to charge me for the rest of the month in December and ruin my credit in doing so. I thought it was going to be for clean up fees but it was not.

    OK I got the lady to say she would take it off my credit report completely if I just paid the $104.00 so I said fine to be done with it send me a letter in writing signed by some one with the authority to make such a decision and I would pay. Of course her reply to this was, "Oh they won't send you any thing in writing they have done it before and then people decide not to pay any way so they won't do it but trust me I know this guy and he is very honest trust worthy guy you can trust him. "
    Ok what ever lady Iâ??m not buying it I told her I do not owe that balance and am seriously thinking about filing suite against the collection company and the apartment complex just because I find this to be almost like black mail and do not like to pay people I donâ??t really owe any thing.

    What do you all think I should do?

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    I agree, send a notice of intention to file suit. It is blackmail.

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    I understand how you feel. I am in a similar situation with a collection agency that is basically blackmailing me with my credit report as bait. I know that I don't owe them any money, but they insist that I do and in the meanwhile get to ruin my credit!

    I finally spoke w/ a rep that knew what she was talking about and gave me GREAT advice on how to fix the mess I'm in.....but then she hinted that time is money, etc. and all the time and effort that I've put into almost would of been easier to negotiate for payment in exchange for removal. $170 is $170 and I'm a woman of principle. I really don't owe the money......but for all the stuff that I have to do to clear my name, paying the $170 seems easy enough! But I'm not going to cave in. But it sucks having to go through crap to get stuff resolved.
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    Another name for credit report
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