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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by macboy, Mar 7, 2004.

  1. macboy

    macboy New Member

    Has anyone had dealings with these clowns? I am filing my complaint with the FTC this week. If you know anything, please post an information.

  2. lbrown59

    lbrown59 New Member

    What's happening with them?
  3. macboy

    macboy New Member

    They have scamed me and my wife out of an additional $1,700 because of mismanagement. They lost two of my checks, one sent UPS. It's a long winded story and I hope to post it on my website soon.
  4. lbrown59

    lbrown59 New Member

    With out any more info than this it's going to be very hard for anybody here to make suggestions.
  5. WaryInFL

    WaryInFL New Member

    Seem Suspicious

    I received a call from these people after I left work yesterday. Here's how her message went:

    Hello, this is Ms. White from Broward County Courts. I got your number from the HR Department. I need to serve documents regarding wage garnishment on [Employee Name]. Please call me today at (888) 214-7827.

    This call was not regarding me, but instead about one of my employees.

    I did an internet search for the phone number and found a page on the website:

    I called Commerical Recovery Systems and asked if that number was theirs. The receptionist said "yes, that's one of ours." I then asked whose extension it was. She said "Ms. White." Now I proceeded to ask her why Ms. White would say she was from Broward County Courts in South Florida when the company is in Dallas, Texas. She was stumped. She got a gentleman on the phone after a long wait. I went through the whole description again. He said he would look into it and asked for my phone number. I gave him my work number and extension.

    I'll be honest, I really don't expect to hear back. They represented themselves fraudulently by identifying themselves as being from Broward County Courts. I think it's a scam and they know they are found out. She actually told my HR director when she called here that she needed to speak with a supervisor who could point her out when they come to serve the documents. The HR Director told her the Receptionist could do that, but she INSISTED on speaking with the employee's supervisor. How exactly would she serve documents while in Dallas, TX.

    If any one knows anything about this company and if they are legit, please let me know.
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  6. cap1sucks

    cap1sucks New Member

    They are a legit company. One thing you want to be aware of is that in most states judgment recovery companies are totally different than debt collection companies. They are not regulated under FDCPA as debt collectors are because they seldom if ever contact debtors directly. They normally work only under court order to collect judgments already the courts. Most of them only collect on old judgments that everybody else gave up on long ago. They normally have to buy the judgments and then collect on the judgments they own. They normally pay about 50 percent of the face value of the judgment but of course pocket all the interest that has piled up over the years and tack on their own fees and costs. Most are licensed private investigators but that isn't a requirement in most states. There are only 5 states that have laws governing judgment recovery companies. Texas is one of them and I think Florida is too but I'm not certain about that. Judgment recovery specialists in Texas must be licensed as debt collectors as well. Judgment recovery is a very specialized field and is highly competitive.

    If they contact debtors directly and demand money then they would fall under FDCPA regardless of what state they are from or what state they operate in.
  7. WaryInFL

    WaryInFL New Member

    Why misrepresent?

    Are they allowed to call and say they are from another agency?! She said she was from Broward County Courts! I didn't think anyone was allowed to pass themselves off as a government worker, if they're not. That is what seemed so fishy to me.
  8. cap1sucks

    cap1sucks New Member

    Well, seems to me that it don't make much difference to you. They are not allowed to pass themselves off as government workers to a consumer if they aren't.

    They aren't trying to collect any money from you so they can say anything they want. Here is another similar illustration. I can claim to be a lawyer as long as I don't give anybody any legal advice or do any legal work for them. I can claim to be a doctor as long as I don't give medical advice or provide any medical services. I can claim to be anything I want so long as I don't break any laws in the process. So if they are not trying to collect money from you there isn't anything you can do about it.

    On the other hand, there may be if you really want to take it that far. Did they call you at your place of business? If so, why do you have telephone services at your place of business? Do you provide telephone services at your place of business so that your family, friends, debt collectors, judgment recovery specialists, lawyers, doctors, clergy, roofing and siding companies, gardeners, vacuum cleaner and pest control salesmen can call you and your employees? NO? Why not?

    Or is it that you are such a mean old Scrooge that the only reason you have telephone service is so that your customers can call you for business purposes? (LOL). Do you hire someone to answer the phone for you? If so don't you have to pay for the time they spent answering the phone, finding you and calling you to the phone? Remember it isn't only that person's hourly wages you have to pay, there are all the incidental costs such as health care, sick leave, vacation pay and taxes you also have to pay.And what about your own time away from your business routine spent to answer the call?

    If that is the case then is it possible that since you have to pay for those costs and services they stole your business services? Is theft of services a criminal offense or not?

    Yes, I know just how far you might have to go to enforce that and I'm sure you really wouldn't want to go that far but it is at least food for thought.

    A far more practical approach would be to simply refuse to answer any of their questions. That would benefit you and your employees far more. If you have a receptionist have her screen the calls more carefully. Somebody calls for you or one of your employees have her find out who is calling. Teach her how to spot debt collectors and salespersons. Teach her not to allow such calls through and if she accidentally lets one get through then have whoever responds report the inappropriate phone call to you. Have them get names, addresses, phone numbers and the purpose of the call and send the debt collectors, lawyers and judgment recovery specialists a letter stating that it is inconvenient to receive phone calls at their place of employment and you follow up with a full cease & desist letter telling them never to call your place of business again. Then if they violate those letters both you and your employee have separate causes of action against them in federal court. You know who called you this time so do it to this judgment recovery company. You tell them to cease and desist from ever calling your company again because they are stealing your company services and you don't allow employees to receive phone calls. Above all, remember that there is absolutely no requirement to give them any information whatever without a court order specifically requiring you to answer their questions. I'm sure your employees will appreciate it a great deal if they know that you are willing to help them work out problems to the greatest extent possible. Appreciative employees means a better work force and every business needs all of that they can get.
  9. enigma

    enigma New Member

    If a judgment creditor is call you as the employer looking to serve you papers regarding one of your employees, you are required to give them your contact information. Once the garnishment papers are received, you can have your corporate attorney review them for authenticity. If you refuse to comply with a lawful garnishment order, your company could be held liable for the full amount of the judgment.
  10. cap1sucks

    cap1sucks New Member

    What Florida law requires an employer to give judgment creditors from some other state their contact information? I'm afraid that your statement don't make much sense. After all, how does the employer know that a judgment even exists simply because they receive a phone call from someone asking for the contact information?

    If that were true and ABC Recovery systems Inc. had a judgment against Joe Sixpack who works for DEF Collection Agency Inc. and ABC called DEF wanting their contact information but DEF demanded ABC's account number before they will would even talk to them as many collection agencies do when someone calls them then DEF could be stuck to pay the full amount of the judgment? I don't think so. Employers are under no obligation to reveal anything until they actually get the garnishment papers and you know that. To make it even more nonsensical, why would a law require an employer or anybody else to give out their contact information to someone who obviously already had it? If they didn't have the contact information then how did they initiate that phone call? Think about it.
    Now that is absolutely correct, of course.
  11. C Jamison

    C Jamison New Member

    They buy old information ...I'm case in point 1.19.10.

    Hey guys,

    This business is apparently barely surviving. They contacted me for a debt that was purged and expunged from 2006! Thank GOD, I saved the documents from CitiBank's Vice President stating my expungement of debt from all 3 credit bureaus. Had I not saved those documents, I would have basically been repaying a debt that is already satisfied.

    I get a call once a year from these people, providing the SAME documents. Why don't they just update their file. Also, they try use scare tactics like, "We will start litigation"! I simply said, there is no valid debt to be litigated, silly! The agent I spoke with was a Greg Fincher.

    He actually yelled at me. I guess he is not meeting his quota. The telephone numbers I have on file are 800-214-7801, 214-321-7800, 800-214-7876. Do you notice the prefix is the same for the 800 numbers. They think we are stupid!

    CJ in Chicago
  12. hthrlws

    hthrlws New Member

    I am dealing with Commercial Recovery Systems due to a repo with Toyota. I am trying as hard as I can to repay them, but the lady I talk to is nothing less that rude. I send her a check monthly, and yet she has called me about 7 times this month, even though I have sent her a check scheduled to go through automatically on 8/20. It is my understanding that they arent supposed to call after they get a promise of payment.

    I have asked her repediately to not call me at work, and she keeps doing that, I asked her to please send me bills, and she has refused to do that.

    Her overall attitude is just sour, and disrespectful.

    I feel harrassed, and it's gotten to the point that I just don't answer her calls.

    I'm thinking about contacting someone about the harassment.
  13. chesca561

    chesca561 New Member

    Same here! I'm also being harassed by a CRS representative on behalf of Toyota. I just got off the phone with a rep that informed me that they were proceeding with a wage garnishment and that if I was upset and looking for someone to blame I should "look in the mirror". I asked to speak to a supervisor and she told me I couldn't speak to anyone else. When I told her I found that hard to believe she said, "you can believe whatever you want" and hung up the phone on me.

    I've now spent over an hour trying to find out what company she works for as she wouldn't give me the companies name. It has taken looking through bank statements and calling the company that handled the payment, in order to find out that she works for Commercial Recovery Systems which led me to this forum. If anyone has a direct 1800 so I can speak with their customer service department instead of an agent that would be extremely helpful. This woman needs to be held accountable for how she speaks to clients/customers
  14. Fshort

    Fshort New Member

    I received a voicemail message from Greg Lewis stating that " You or your attorney needed to call asap". I returned the call, but had to leave a message. This morning, Greg Lewis returned my call & the conversation went as follows:

    Greg:I'm returning your call.
    Me: Who is this?
    G:Greg Lewis. You called me.
    M: Yes, I did. I was returning your call.
    G:OK?!OK?! is that all you have to say is ok? I'm calling in regards to a lawsuit that you are involved in".

    At this point, I'm confused about a lawsuit, have no clue what he's talking about and asking for an explanation. He starts sarcastically laughing and yelling saying that I know what he's talking about and they are going to garnish my wages. I explained that I understood his position but he would not speak to me like that & I wanted to speak to someone else. He hung up. I called back. He immediately starts yelling about me being rude (which I never said anything out of the way or loud because I was at my desk). I told him that I wanted to see what was going on. He said that I should have been trying to figure out what was going on a long time ago. As I'm trying to explain that I have not received anything in writing or phone calls, he insist that I had. Then he yells "YOU BORROWED MONEY FROM A BANK. YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO PAY IT BACK"!! I said, "May I please speak to someone else. Is anywhere else there"? He said "sure you want to speak with my boss? He's worse than me". At that point, the angry black woman did appear & let him know exactly what I thought about him & his boss.

    Until finding this post, I had no clue what company Greg Lewis was representing. I understand his profession, but at the end of the day you don't speak to anyone the way he spoke to me. I will be researching to find out how to file a complaint against Greg Lewis and his company.
  15. Fshort

    Fshort New Member

    Totally outraged by my earlier incident with Mr. Greg Lewis from CRS, I started to investigate & look for a way to file a complaint. The FTC informed me that CRS WAS NOT a legitimate company and basically are scamming people. She instructed me not to answer their calls or to hang up on them. I also filed a complaint with Greg Abbott, TX Attorney General's office
  16. smp227

    smp227 New Member


    So that was it and have they bothered you anymore? I ask this because I am helping my niece with this agency. They are very rude and are trying to intimidate her. We have written letters to FTC, Texas Atty Gen, and some legislators copied these jokers and they keep calling her saying that writing all those letters doesn't make a difference. Are you still dealing with them? Thanks much, I await your response.
  17. dodibeeps

    dodibeeps New Member

    I have not received a call from this scam creditor, however I have a credit monitoring account with both TransUnion and Experian and I check my credit for changes daily. Today, CRS showed up as an inquiry on my credit report. No account listed yet but I'm concerned that they're going to try to scam me the way they've scammed the rest of you. I've spent two years cleaning up my credit and my scores have improved more than 150 points on all CRA's, but there are always scam CA's out there who verify fake debts to CRA's with NO proof, NO way to validate it because it's fake, and the CRA will always take their word over yours. I've filed a police report for identity theft, I've filed a copy with the FTC, and I'm still being harassed by CA's for debts I've never owed. Just hoping these people don't become a nuisance now too. I'm a trained paralegal, I've worked with consumer-advocacy attorneys. I know my rights and I'm not going to let anyone trample on them.

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