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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by sheila, Aug 22, 2000.

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    I recently ordered a sofa on and paid a deposit of $300 on my Discover card. Now they send me an e-mail saying that the compoany has ceased operations, will not be able to fulfill my order or help me with recovering my deposit as they will be filing for bankruptcy. I called Discover and they are "investigating" this. Is there any way I can get back my money through Discover? I am not too familiar with what credit card agreements cover. I have a Platinum card.
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    You can call Discover and tell them you want a charge back done on that transaction ASAP, A credit card company can easialy get your money back if a merchant fails to deliver their product or service, I dont know how it would work if the company goes bankrupt thouugh so you better hurry. Good luck.


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    It doesn't matter if the company goes bankrupt. Your agreement is between you and
    the card issuing company, and it is governed
    by federal laws. And these laws protect you
    against this kind of problems...

    What you have to do is call Discover and tell
    them you want to dispute that item. Then, you
    have to send them a dispute letter... use
    certified mail if possible.

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    Can you tell me what laws you are referring to? I don't know what to put in the dispute letter. That I am not going to receive my sofa and therefore I think that the credit card company should reimburse me? Somehow it just doesn't sound right.

    Although I wish that this could be the case...

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