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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Robin, Jun 6, 2000.

  1. Robin

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    I just tried to open up an account with Compass Bank and they do a check with the National Check Protection for everyone. So, you might want to change compass bank on the "good banks".

  2. Steven Z

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    RE: Compass Bank does a check

    Robin, for your information, all banks do a check of some sort that in itself does not make them a bad bank. Though I suppose those that have a practise of writing NSF checks or kiting might think so.

    This National Check Protection company is one I've never heard of so its either a small regional company or a new upstart.

    While its no doubt just another service that only takes down negative info the questions arise, how long does this reporting agency hold the negative info (5?, 7?) and whats its policy about paid accounts. The nightmarish one like CheckSystems wherein a $20 overdraft or clerk incompetence leads to being blackballed out of 80% of the banks for 5 years or the "civilized" approach of Telecheck wherein as soon as you pay the bank the negative is purged and your free to open a new account the next day.

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