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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by LKH, Aug 9, 2001.

  1. LKH

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    Some of you may recall I had a repo in June of 95 with Arizona Bank. Az. Bank was taken over by Compass Bank and in the meantime was reported twice on each report and Compass reaged it to 4/96. I had both removed from TU but was having trouble getting the Compass entry removed or even corrected. Equifax has claimed to have verified it at least 3 times. I called Compass last week about Equifax and the reaging. They said Equ. has never contacted them and they would check their records for the date of last activity. Today I got a call from someone at Compass who said they have already sent me a letter but he faxed all 3 bureaus today to remove all negatives. Reporting as paid as agreed - never late. He also has pulled the file from the collection agency. Could it be because I told them they were in violation of the FCRA by reaging this account? If not, I have no idea why they did this and I'm not going to ask.
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    Actually, believe it or not, Compass is actually a pretty honorable bank. I've had both commercial and personal dealings with them. I may have better luck than most because of my commerical dealings (I'm basically in contact with someone from Compass every day). They make mistakes sometimes but generallly correct them quickly once they've been pointed out. BTW, if anyone has any questions regarding contacts at Compass, I can probably find the answer for you. Let me know.
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    What do you think my chances are of getting two late payments removed from my report if I send a "goodwill" letter to Compass bank?

    They seem like they're eager for my business, and have always been quite pleasant to deal with.

    Do you think it's even possible?

  4. LKH

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    Anything is possible. You just read the proof of that.

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