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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Mo, Jun 24, 2000.

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    I finally just had to chime in on this CCB thing. I've never had the card, but I'm amabsolutely flabbergasted, amazed, stunned (pick any words you like), etc. that such a company can continue to exist. I have NEVER NEVER NEVER read even ONE single positive post about these guys (here or elsewhere). But I've read hundreds and hundreds of slams.

    It is incredible. I've even seen a few postive notes for the others such as Providian, ORchard, etc (in the minority of course), but it is just mind-boggling at the 100% contempt rate that CCB has going. HOW, OH HOW does this company stay in business???!!!! It seems to fly in the face of everything that is Amercan business. My mind is "tongue-tied" over this.
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    RE: Concerning CCB, Providian

    Mo, I look at it this way. CROOKS COUNTRY BANK is walking on thin ice, and before to long their going to fall through. They have the worst reputation of any bank I've ever
    seen in my life. I agree with you and others
    that it's amazing their still in business.
    Their running scared from all the negative
    posts on the net. Their going after JerryDJ
    is proof we are hurting their business. The day will come before to long when we see
    the FDIC,VISA/MC,FTC,or a State Attorney
    General start an investigation into the business practices of ROCCO and his band of theives. Once it starts all their money won't be able to stop it. My advice to ROCCO
    is to buy a place in COLOMBIA next to his drug buddies to hide.

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