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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by therhapsod, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. therhapsod

    therhapsod New Member

    Hello! I'm brand new to this site and I have a question that I can't seem to find the answer to anywhere. While reading over my credit report, I am unable to find contact information for the agencies attempting to collect my debt. For example:
    I C System
    Cred Bur How
    Online Coll
    Professional Credit Jone

    I no longer recieve mail for these debts and I am unsure how to contact them. I've tried searching these partial names online, but have not gotten very far.

    What am I missing here? Where can I find the full names and phone numbers of these companies?
    Thank you!
  2. jam237

    jam237 Well-Known Member

    Your credit report should have their contact information listed with their trade lines. By law they are required to provide you with the way to contact every data furnisher on your credit report.

    If you've received your report from a third-party, then the third party should have a detail screen that should bring up the contact information.
  3. jam237

    jam237 Well-Known Member

    I sent you contact information for three of the four, the fourth can't be identified by the name that it is annotated as.

    I was just reading over some of the BBB complaints, and almost died of laughter. :) (The sad thing was the BBB listed complaints as satisfied, where the company merely parroted that because of the FDCPA they can not provide any information about the consumer's account, and that they should call their toll-free number for information.)
  4. credit guy

    credit guy Member

    the credit report will have the creditor information. Typically, it would be located in the back of the report
  5. jam237

    jam237 Well-Known Member

    It depends on whether the Credit Report is actually from the CRAs or through a third-party service.

    Most CRAs will list the contact information with the tradelines, but not all third-party services do; but if you notice, I was able to give them contact information for 3 of the 4, and from the BBB reports on them was able to see how much fun I would have working with these companies.

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