confused and perplxed?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by earl5831, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. earl5831

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    i recently disputed ch7 on EQ fyi all bk tradelines are gone so i figured it was worth a shot to dispute as not mine well..... on purchased my report on line on sat august 02 it was still in dispute well lo and behold on monday it was marked as verified as in jul 03.. what gives? can anyone tell me how is that possible? it seems to me that EQ waited to the last minute to hit the auto-verify button.

    anytakers on this i would like to hear from anyone about this

    planning my next plan of attack possibly CHOD
  2. breana902

    breana902 Well-Known Member

    Send a procedural request letter. You probably won't get a response, well, a correct response anyway. You could use the non response as ammunition to try and get it deleted. Or you could try and dispute it another way.

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