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  1. kelen

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    We recently refi our home so I looked at our credit. It was very good credit. We tried recently to consolidate all our credit cards & bills through MBNA and got turn down. Does anyone know why? We would like to get around $15,000, Can anyone suggest a few credit card companies.
  2. Lorrie

    Lorrie Guest

    Chase recently approved me for a $15,000 card (all used for balance transfers). Even after NextCard, Capital One and First USA all turned me down.

    American Express Blue card approved me too. (Just last week), so I don't know what the limit will be. They have 9.9% interest for balance transfers.

    Bank of America also approved me with a $7000 limit (again all used for transfers). The interest rate on that is 8.9% until the transfers are paid, and for purchases, 8.9% for the first 6 months.

    You may also want to check out Discover Platinum. I think it is 2.9% for 9 months, then 12.99% after that.

    The Chase offer I had was a special prime+1.4%(They don't have the same offer on their web page, but they have others)
  3. Lorrie

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    Also, Bank of America, Blue, and Discover all have online applications.

    So does Chase, but not for the same terms I have.
  4. Donna

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    Try NextCard with a 6 month APR 2.9%.

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