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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by bumpy9000, Sep 6, 2003.

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    I sent a validation letter to a CA about a medical bill from 2001. Of course they sent back an itemized statement from the hospital. This statement was dated back in 2001. It was nothing fresh from the CA. I countered with this is not proper validation. They responded by saying they will get a signed admission form. It is still within 30 days now and today I received that signed admission form with a bill from the CA. Now, I know the FDCPA says the CA must stop collection activities until validation. I've read and re-read the post with Butch about proper validation. My question this considered continued collection activity. Just because they sent the signed admission agreement (which doesn't look like my signature), can they send a bill with it. The CA didn't mark the account as disputed with the CRA and their second letter didn't have anything referring to them as a collection agency. Any opinions here?
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    My opinion: This is a gray area. They attempted validation. I wouldn't run down and file suit based on that alone. You need more.

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