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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Killer, Feb 1, 2001.

  1. Killer

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    On one of the threads in the past day or so I mentioned that I received an increase offer from Providian (Gold Visa). I said the offer was a $600 increase for a $99 fee. This is what the Providian rep told me. However, the letter arrived today. The offer is a $500 increase for $49.

    I had called them because last week I signed on and there was an unexpected $100 increase. I was told it was to offset the $99 fee for a $600 increase offer that was in the mail. As you can see I was given wrong information.

    Altogether I am receiving a $600 increase. But am paying $49 dollar for only $500 of the increase. The remaining $100 came without a fee.

    For someone with bad credit and no increases from Orchard nor DMB the $49 fee is OK!
  2. RichGuy

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    RE: Correction...Providian Inc

    This is exactly what I posted about the $100 increase. And if the fee is only $49, it's probably worth it just to get your limit growing. I paid a 10% fee too, for my first big increase from Providian.
  3. Saar

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    RE: Correction...Providian Inc

    It takes 2 minutes to get the $49-fee waived. Unless you make more than $49 in 2 minutes, it's well worth the call.

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    RE: Correction...Providian Inc

    So that explains it. I got an increase without requesting it or being told about it. Not long after that, I got an offer for a credit increase. I thought it was strange since they had already given me one preiviously. I turned down the offer though. I'm trying to get out of debt right now. Once I get a bunch of stuff paid off, then maybe I'll accept it if they offer again.


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