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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Worried, Mar 21, 2001.

  1. Worried

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    If I cosign for a car loan and the primary lender defaults, do I get notice of that? Is there a law somewhere that says I have to be made notice of that default so I can clear it up first? Just wondering...
  2. the other

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    I don't know. I was screwed by this in the past. I co-signed for a friend, but I was never notified until a couple of days before they were going to send the account to collections, and I personally had to make the payment to them. His payments were only about $20 per month, but somehow he managed to screw it up!

    I finally paid it off and made my friend pay me the rest (I was sick of my CR being ruined) If took him years to pay me the rest.
  3. Cadillac408

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    I tell you what little I know.

    I cosigned for a car for my now ex boyfriend. It never reported on his credit.....only on MINE! Both our names were on the tile of the vehicle but he was the primary person that they called if there was a problem. When he defaulted on the loan, they started calling ME ALSO! Long story short, I got the car back from my ex and paid off the remaining balace of the loan. Now it's listed on my reports as a paid chargeoff with (did have 22 30-day lates and 1 60-day late) 30 30-day lates and no 60-day lates! I guess when Junum disputed this, Fxxx Crxxxx verified it and updated the records to reflect this. What I can't understand is how you can have 30 30-day lates on a 48 month loan? I know thhis is FALSE and have the financial records to prove this. Believe me when I tell you that I've gone in circles over this (which included faxing 50 pages of bank statements to no avail). Realistically, I can only see where there could of been maybe 3 30-day lates and 1 60-day late for sure! That's o.k. because it's due to fall off my reports in Feb 02.
  4. jshimmer

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    > I can't understand is how you can have 30 30-day lates on
    > a 48 month loan?

    Technically, you can have 48 30-day lates on a 48 month loan! Pay late each month, there's a 30-day late. You've got 47 more to go!
  5. Cadillac408

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    NSS! I'm just saying.....

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