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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by mattpfeil, Sep 28, 2003.

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    About two years ago i applied for a credit card (id rather not say where) at a certain retailer, got it while i was there and continued to use it to make a purhcase. I was issued a temp card on the spot.
    Months went by and i never recieved a bill or my real card i was promised.
    I called the bank in question and tried to find out what was going on becaues i knew it could have bad repercusions. I gave them my temp # and they couldnt help me or find my info. (I have no proff of this however).
    I moved away to Canada about six months later. Ive been back for a year now and i was having trouble getting credit. I was wondering why this was happening so i ordered my credit report and sure enough, there it was on my report as "off to the collection agency".
    I noticed as i was reading my report however that the address that they had reported on my credit report was one very similar to the one i was at at the time, however the city on there was wrong, which i suppose would explain why i never recived a bill or my card or anything. (I had no other credit whatsoever at that time so that could be the only possible creditor to report that address.)
    Now im stuck with fairly poor credit, cant get a car of house loan, and im not quite sure where to start. id appriciate any help anyone can give me.
    I cant imagine its leagal to bill someone at the wrong address after giving them all my info and a copy of my drivers licence and then ruining their credit. Id be more than happy to pay off the original amount if they were to remove my credit knocks.
    Also as far as i know they cant have any proff that i used my card because i had a temp card made of cardboard that is un-swipeable and un-imprintable.
    Any help on where to start would be appriciated.

    Thank you.

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    I was issued credit with your company.
    I charged some merchandise on the temporary card.
    I never received a "real" card in the mail.
    I never received any statements.
    I called I don't know how many times with no help.
    I am willing to pay IN FULL what I owe.
    This offer must include removal of any derogatory information on my credit reports.

    You had my phone number, even if you didn't even know where I lived even though I gave it to you on the original application.
    Someone at your company made the mistakes in the address/city/state causing me to never get a statement or the credit card.
    Your company made no effort to rectify the problem in response to my phone calls.

    I look forward to a mutually agreeable outcome by me paying 100% of my total charges and you remove all derogatory information from my credit reports.

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