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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Sharon, Jan 8, 2001.

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    #1 Does anyone know what CRA Citibank reports to? I have an old acct with them, that was charged off but paid (it is on TU).
    #2 Do companies report to the same CRA that they use to check your report? In other words if Juniper uses equifax do they report to Equifax?
    #3 I have a 56 on my worth score. Do you know any card I could get with about a $2000-2500 line? I have good credit all recently. A $28,000 vehicle paid off early, a home, Sears, Capital One (unsecured) MBNA (unsecured) Next Card ($750 line) thanks
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    RE: CRA and a few question nee

    1.Citibank usually will not issue a card to anyone that has burned them in the past.

    2. Banks sometimes randomly pull reports from different agencies, but they still may report to all three just not the one the pulled. Most report to all three, I rarely see them report to just one.

    3. I wouldn't rely on WN scoring system, their numbers don't seem to match up to actual scores, it VARIES alot, so I am not sure what bank to tell you from that.
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    Sorry read question 1 wrong

    Citibanks reports to ALL three agencies.

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