CRA delete & may reappear?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by geekpipe, Mar 29, 2001.

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    Called Trans union and they said out of 4 was verified with name address ss#, one was verified with name & ss#, one was removed since i was only an AU, and one did not respond so it was deleted. Here are my questions:

    1. They said the one that they deleted did not respond in 30 days time. She said it may reappear in the next few days if they got back to Trans union late. How likely is this? The bank is providian (aria). If they do update it how soon will it show again? Do i dispute it again if it shows? The details are that i owe $500 on this. I was late 3 times. They still report every month even though the account is said to be closed. I made a payment on this in feb and march and it shows the account as paid as agreed but also shows the lates. My idea here is to get rid of the lates..which i disputed on. They deleted the whole account. Now when I make another payment on this in april and they report this..will it also show the lates? Or will it only show the newest info? I guess i want to know if they always report the full history or just monthly updates.

    2. Can i dispute the verified ones more
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    Re: CRA delete & may reapp

    For question 1, I believe when they update your file the lates will probably reappear. Not sure about number 2, I am sure others will help:)

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    Re: CRA delete & may reapp

    If I were you, I would pay off the account fully, maybe even close it and THEN dispute...You're asking for too much cake while wanting to eat it too.

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