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    I dont know where I am going with this but today I recieved a response back from equifax, they are not going to remove items that i cant get the creditor or the collector to give me proof of debt. Today I spoke to my local equifax affiliate attorney. She was very nice and asked for my info after I told her that I felt as if this was my last chance to clear this up cival and amicably without the filing a lawsuit . She told me she would give me a call in the morning and gave me her direct line to reach her in case that she didnt get back with me. She was very educated concerning verification and validation and she even agreed with what is posted here on those subjects. (I did not tell her the source)Anyways she seemed concerned to the fact that I was not getting anywhere with the main offices in regards to my disputes of non verifiable information. I asked her point blank "How can this agency verify information that the creditor and collection agency cannot verify" I also mailed her copies of my letters to these companies and there pitiful responses. Its funny talking to the people on the inside, I am suprised she even talked to me about my situation. I called their main number and asked for the legal department and thats how I got her. She might not do a thing, but I just thought it was interesting.

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    I'm all ears! I think this will be the only way I'm going to get some things deleted so I'll be looking forward to your updates. Sounds like you're going to unearth some valuable information. Do you wear a cloak? :)
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    hey lizardking,
    your probably right, but I was hoping that they just might think that I am serious and crazy enough to do so. I wont give them much time at all to respond before I take your advice. By the way, why does your member status keep changing form regular to member?

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